Chroma Launches New Test Solutions in SEMICON China to Snatch Business Opportunities of IoT Chips

TAOYUAN, Taiwan, March 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Chroma ATE Inc., a world leading supplier of precision testing and measurement instrumentation and automated test turnkey solutions, will present its newest semiconductor test solutions in SEMICON China in March to snatch the IoT and smart vehicle electronics chips market.

The Chroma 3680 is an advanced, high-precision and high-performance SoC test system that has 2048 I/O channels with a data rate up to 1Gbps, maximum 512 paralleled test units and a 512MW test data memory depth to satisfy the complex SoC testing requirements with the lowest cost of tests. Its application includes MCU, digital audio, digital TV, set-top box, DSP, network processor, field programmable gate array (FPGA) and consumer IC electronics.

The HDAVO (High Density Audio Video Option) is an option of the 3680 SoC test system that has 8 modules of arbitrary waveform generators (AWG) and digitizers (DGT). The sampling rate is up to 400Msps for each AWG and 250Msps for each DGT. The advantages of superior specification, low cost and multi-functionality make it suitable for a wide range of mixed signals tests such as standard baseband, video, audio, graphics, STB and DTV.

The CRISPro software kit specifically developed for the 3680 test system allows the users to edit the test programs quickly and easily via a Graphic User Interface (GUI). The supported concurrent testing function not only reduces the test time but also accelerates the throughput of production speed.

The Chroma 33010 PXIe Digital IO Card provides automatic test functions based on PXIe architecture to meet the coming demand of PXI testing. To satisfy smaller IC channels and increasingly complex test functions, especially on IoT and automotive electronics IC, the PXI/PXIe architecture in semiconductor testing offers certain advantages in an application's diversity and flexibility, which includes MCU, MEMS, RF IC and PMIC testing. It is also feasible for porting to Chroma 3380D (256 channels), Chroma 3380P (512 channels) and Chroma 3380 (1280 channels) for mass-production as they have high compatibility in both software and hardware.

The Chroma 3200L-6 optical fiber DC/RF test system mainly used for detecting the DC and RF of a box packaged optical spectrum analyzer (OSA) is equipped with functions of optical fiber automated cleaning and testing, optical fiber visual positioning and automated swapping, probe visual positioning and contact control. Its probing repeatability is up to ± 40um. With the support of single-station for engineering experiments and an entire line for mass production, the test system increases the implementation flexibility and significantly reduces the labor and loss cost of testing.

The Chroma semiconductor test equipment integrating with the MP5800 RF ATE tester can cover 6GHz test range and provide 4/8 RF port with 120MHz bandwidth. Its application includes Wi-Fi, BT, GNSS/NB-IoT/LoRa, other IoT connectivity ICs and RF components (PA/LNA/Converter, etc.) to meet the requirements of a total RF/Digital ATE (CP/FT/SLT) test solution.

The 2018 SEMICON China will be held from March 14 to 16, and Chroma ATE Inc. will show the newest semiconductor test solution at the Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) (Booth No. 3165). Guests are invited to experience new trends in testing and measurement.

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