CINEAPPO laser projection solution shines at CineAsia 2017

"Driving the Smart Laser Cinema of the Future"

HONG KONG, Dec. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- CineAsia 2017 kicked off in Hong Kong on December 11, 2017. How to leverage advanced technology to achieve intelligent projection and efficient operation for cinemas became a hot topic in the projection industry. During the event, CINEAPPO, a leading brand of laser projection technology, showcased the application of its ALPD® laser projection solution, opening the doors for global cinemas to intelligent projection.

CINEAPPO laser projection solution shines at CineAsia 2017
CINEAPPO laser projection solution shines at CineAsia 2017

ALPD® Laser projection technology helps cinemas achieve intelligent projection

With the development of film technology, cinemas are seeking intelligent projection that features more convenience in operation and lower labor costs. How to gradually achieve intelligent projection? Convenient operation, low costs and high efficiency are very important. The unique features of CINEAPPO's ALPD® laser projection technology provide an important guarantee for intelligent projection. In addition to its bright, quality and stable imaging, ALPD® laser light source projection solutions have an ultra-long service life of 30,000 hours, which avoids the need for lamp replacement for 7-8 years, saving on labor costs.

CINEAPPO's ALPD® laser projection solution incorporates a unique water cooling technology, and uses a miniaturized power supply. It possesses a completely sealed filter-free structure, completely solving dust problems that plague other projectors, without the need for excessive manual maintenance. When using a traditional light source, most theaters must be equipped with 3-4 technicians, after upgrading to laser projection, one technician is sufficient for the projection of eight theaters.

Comprehensive customization of laser projection solutions helps theaters upgrade easily

CINEAPPO provides a comprehensive solution for convenient and intelligent projection. Currently, CINEAPPO has realized a projection product portfolio covering brightness of 10,000-55,000 lumens. It can provide customized laser upgrade solutions for large, medium and small-sized halls, catering to the needs of different theaters while achieving easy and complete upgrading.

The application of ALPD® technology has also received positive feedback. In April 2017, CINEAPPO's first overseas laser light projection solution landed in the United States. As of December, 8,800 CINEAPPO ALPD® laser projection solutions have been installed globally. CINEAPPO ALPD® laser projection solutions have received full market affirmation and recognition.

CINEAPPO continuously delivers advanced technologies and solutions to the global marketplace and leverages leading-edge technology to provide users with reliable laser projection solutions that enable theaters to fully achieve intelligent projection.

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