Cirro Capital begins business activity in Belt and Road Region

Cirro Capital is ready to make use of it newly acquired resources and network in penetrating France, Portugal, Hungary, Poland, Spain and other countries along the Belt and Road region.

HONG KONG, April 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- On 22ndApril 2018, Hong Kong based investment company, Cirro Capital made a significant stake investment in OBOR Education Holdings Limited, a provider of educational Belt and Road business resources for Chinese entrepreneurs.

Cirro Capital Sets Eyes on Belt and Road Region
Cirro Capital Sets Eyes on Belt and Road Region

Days after the acquisition, Cirro Capital made an announcement about the business activity spanning 20 European countries along the Belt and Road region with the resources and strong network provided by OBOR Education Holdings Limited.

OBOR Education Holdings Limited, founded in 2018, entered into a strategic collaboration recently with Europe's highly prestigious university, Panthéon-Sorbonne to customize its Ambassador Course. The company also teamed up with Citroen and Remax Portugal, aiming to facilitate the creation of the Ambassador Course by sharing resources and information between the companies. The resources and information shared will be useful to Chinese entrepreneurs to gain valuable insights in investment and conducting business operations in France and Portugal.

Cirro Capital intends to make full use of the resources and network of OBOR Education Holdings Limited to seek first-hand opportunities in entering the right regions at an appropriate stage of development to achieve maximum returns in future investments along the Belt and Road Region.

Belt and Road is now the largest cooperative initiative in the world with huge potential still untapped. With its third high-value acquisition, Cirro Capital put itself as the front-runner in Belt and Road investment industry. 

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