CJ 4DPLEX's ScreenX and 4DX Formats Find Record-Breaking Success with Paramount's Top Gun: Maverick

CJ 4DPLEX's ScreenX and 4DX Formats Find Record-Breaking Success with Paramount's Top Gun: Maverick

"Top Gun: Maverick" Has Become the Highest Grossing Film this year for the Immersive ScreenX and the Multi-Sensory 4DX, with Korea yet to Show the Film

LOS ANGELES, June 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- CJ 4DPLEX, the world's leading producer of premium film formats and cinema technologies announced today that Paramount Pictures' "Top Gun: Maverick" broke ScreenX and 4DX records, grossing more than $28 million combined across 631 screens worldwide to-date. Korea, which accounts for 49 ScreenX locations and 39 4DX locations opens Wednesday.

The ScreenX format specifically shattered several records now in its fifth week, already reaching the highest grossing ScreenX title of 2022 globally bringing in over $7million. Week after week, the title in ScreenX has seen unprecedented growth at the box office. In the U.S. in its third week of the run, ScreenX experienced an unprecedented 68% increase in box office admissions from its previous weekend. This past weekend, ScreenX saw another 7.5% increase in box office bringing in over $1million alone. To date in the U.S., on just 61 screens the film has grossed over $4.5million bringing in a $73,000 per screen average.

In the UK across 22 ScreenX locations, the film has brought in over $987,000 with a $45,000 per screen average, making it the second highest grossing ScreenX title during the pandemic in the UK. The film saw a massive 103% increase in box office ticket sales from its week two to week three.

"Top Gun: Maverick" in ScreenX features 58 minutes of exclusive ScreenX imagery – the most ScreenX content ever to be produced for a ScreenX feature film. The format's peripheral 3-screen design allows audiences to take in majestic views, feel the rush of flying and puts them right in the middle of the climatic jet fighting scenes with Maverick and his crew.

"We're so thankful to Tom Cruise, Joe Kosinski, Jerry Bruckheimer, David Ellison and the entire team at Paramount for creating a cultural moment that is bringing audiences back to theaters," said Don Savant, CEO & President, CJ 4DPLEX America. "'Top Gun: Maverick showcases CJ 4DPlex's premium formats, ScreenX and 4DX, which expands moviegoing by bringing the audiences a truly differentiated experience from other cinema offerings as well as from the home & streaming platforms."

 CJ 4DPLEX's multi-sensory 4DX experience has also garnered several record-breaking numbers with "Top Gun: Maverick." The movie is the top performing film in the 4DX format this year with more than $20.6 million across 438 auditoriums, without Korea's screens, which are set to open this week. Some additional box office highlights for the 4DX format:

  • In the U.S. "Top Gun: Maverick" has brought in $4.3 million across 50 screens with a per screen average of $85,910
  • In the UK, "Top Gun: Maverick" has earned over $3.3 million across 35 locations making it the biggest 4DX title in the UK this year
  • In Japan, "Top Gun: Maverick" has earned over $2.5million across 63 screens on pace to become #1 Hollywood film during the pandemic
  • In China Taiwan, on only 5 4DX screens, "Top Gun: Maverick" brought in an astounding $700,000
  • Overall 4DX is outpacing the market as the industry recovers from the pandemic especially in the US and UK

"Top Gun: Maverick" in 4DX puts you directly into the cockpit, as you feel every twist and turn in a multi-sensory cinema-going experience. 4DX utilizes motion, vibration, water, wind, snow, lightning, scents, and other special effects that enhance the visuals on-screen. Each auditorium incorporates motion-based seating synchronized with more than 21 different effects.

CJ 4DPLEX worked closely with director Joe Kosinski and Paramount Pictures on selecting the most immersive scenes for ScreenX and carefully crafted the motion and effects for 4DX to ensure the highest quality presentation of the film.

"The increase in audiences and our record-breaking box office results reinforces the strong word-of mouth around the film for both of our formats, many of whom are returning to see the movie in a completely unique presentation." Jongryul Kim, CEO, CJ 4DPLEX. "We hope that movie fans who have discovered ScreenX and 4DX for the first time will experience other great films that can't be seen anywhere else."

"Premium formats like ScreenX and 4DX are helping drive audiences to see this spectacular film in different ways and it shows in the numbers, even a month after a massive opening weekend," said Marc Weinstock, President, Worldwide Marketing and Distribution, Paramount Pictures. "We are thrilled with seeing movie fans continue to come out and see this epic blockbuster on the big screen in these new and exciting formats."


CJ 4DPLEX is a leading, next-generation cinema technology company, headquartered in Seoul with international offices in Los Angeles and Beijing. The company has created innovative film technologies for theaters worldwide that include 'ScreenX', '4DX', and '4DX Screen' for consumers to experience films in ways that were never before possible.

CJ 4DPLEX is a part of the CJ Group conglomerate that also includes entertainment powerhouses CJ CGV, the fifth largest theater chain in the world, and CJ ENM (CJ Entertainment & Media), who produced the Academy Award®, Golden Globe® and SAG Awards winning film, "Parasite". CJ 4DPLEX was named Most Innovative Company of 2017 and 2019 in Live Events by Fast Company, and the technology has been recognized with Silver at the Edison Awards in the Media and Visual Communications-Entertainment category in 2015 and 2018.

ScreenX is the world's first multi-projection cinema with an immersive 270 degree field of view. By expanding the image beyond the frame and onto the walls of the theatre, ScreenX draws you into the story on the main screen and immerses you in a virtual reality like setting with cinema quality resolution. To date, there are over 380 ScreenX auditoriums around the world in 38 countries.

4DX provides moviegoers with a multi-sensory cinema-going experience, allowing audiences to connect with movies through motion, vibration, water, wind, snow, lightning, scents, and other special effects that enhance the visuals on-screen. Each 4DX auditorium incorporates motion-based seating synchronized with more than 21 different effects and optimized by a team of skilled editors. To date, there are over 783 4DX auditoriums around the world, spanning over 69 countries.

4DXScreen is a powerful combination of our super premium immersive theatre technologies of ScreenX and 4DX in one auditorium, creating a never-before-seen experience for cinemagoers. To date, there are 41 4DXScreens installed around the globe.

Media Contact: Yohan Song, yohan.song@cj.net


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