"CLAC 2017" International Football Tournament Kicked off in Hengqin

Reserves from China and Brazilian Giants Competed Intensely

ZHUHAI, China, Nov. 9, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently, the "China-Latin America Cup" (CLAC) International Football Tournament, as one of the supporting projects of culture and sport in China and the Latin-America Expo, has started in Hengqin, China.

The reserve teams from Santos, Gremio (Brazil), Guangzhou Hengda Taobao and Guangzhou R & F Club competed in 6 games to win the championship. The event is be sponsored by Guangdong Football Association, Zhuhai Grand Hengqin Investment Co., Ltd., Zhuhai Hengqin Culture Media Co., Ltd., Sino-Latin United (Zhuhai) Investment Co., Ltd. and Hengqin New District Football Association and supported by Zhuhai Football Association.

As one of the sponsors of this tournament, Zhu Jie, Deputy General Manager of Zhuhai Hengqin Investment Co., Ltd., said that Grand Hengqin Company will try their best to provide all support and services for this event and endeavor to build "CLAC" as a highly influential and ornamental international football match. In addition, Zhu Jie also mentioned that they aim to enhance the influence and popularity of Zhuhai City brand and Hengqin. Through the promotion of football games and matches, they look forward to attracting more people engaging in football games as it is a healthy and active sport and then to further ignite and inspire the vitality and charm of Zhuhai city.

At the same time, Yuan Lie, the president of China-Latin America Joint Venture, also represents the sponsors of the "CLAC" tournament to present their aspiration on strengthening strategic cooperations between well-known football clubs from Latin America, such as Santos and Gremio in Brazil and Grand Hengqin Media Co. Ltd. by holding "CLAC". Moreover, the company intends to introduce the world's top football youth training system to promote football and its culture. The aim is to help Zhuhai City improve the overall level of youth training, which could help Zhuhai and Hengqin set up a top youth football training base in Guangdong Province and even in China. The methods such as holding large-scale international football matches, establishing international football schools and organizing summer/winter football camps also could help Zhuhai build a national football cultural centre or even an Asian centre.

The Fun at “CLAC 2017” International Football Tournament; kicked off in Hengqin, ChinaThe Fun at “CLAC 2017” International Football Tournament; kicked off in Hengqin, China

As there are two teams from Brazil, Eduardo, the leader of Santos Football Club reserve team introduced that Santos has a long history, who won the top league in Brazil eight times, and won the championship of South American copa libertadores three times. Previously, Santos has created many Brazilian legends like Pele, Neymar and so on. Players and coaches are glad to play football in China this time. Grammio Football Club Reserve Director, Lewis Gostawo Smith also praised Zhuhai - he thought Zhuhai is a very beautiful city which aroused his curiosity and expectations. He hopes that teams of both sides can play their best in the next match.

In order to show the image of Zhuhai City and the charm of football at home and abroad, the sponsors designed a mascot for the match and published it at the meet-and-greet. The mascot of "CLAC" named OLE, is an incarnation of the king of birds - Phoenix and the most beautiful macaw in South American jungle. Different colors of the mascot's feathers have different meanings. For example, red feathers represent the passion; the green feathers represent the jungle; the blue feathers represent the ocean and golden feathers representing the harvest of the earth.

The sponsors will also invited well-known domestic musicians to make the theme song - "cheer for a new era." The theme song is composed by Hu Xudong, the National First-class composer, and accompanied by the internationally renowned orchestra - Asia Philharmonic Orchestra.

Hengqin China 2017 "CLAC" International Football Tournament is one of the ancillary cultural and sports project of China-Latin America Expo. Grand Hengqin Company, as one of sponsors of the tournament, hoped to use the chance of holding the "CLAC" International Football Tournament to enrich the cultural connotation of the Expo, to increase opportunities of engaging in formal competition for Chinese young players, to bring high-level football matches and viewing experiences to fans, and based on the communication of culture and sport, to create a business cooperation with Latin America in the aspects of tourism, business and commerce logistics, education, technique and service, cultural communication, etc.

The cooperation serves the goal of building an open pilot area of culture and sports as well as an international cultural and leisure base. It also builds a new platform for Sino-Latin America communication within culture and sports. 

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