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BUENOS AIRES, Argentina, April 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The work of Argentine doctors and researchers is impacting other parts of the world.

The research and analysis carried out by the firm Key Opinion Leaders and available at quantifies Argentinian researchers' level of impact within the scientific community for specific concepts.

The complete list for each specialty shows some particularities to highlight. For example, more women than men are in the leading positions on the lists. "This is something unusual that we haven't seen very often in other countries, not even in European countries. I think it speaks very well about gender equality in the Argentine Republic", says Ana Codallo, Chief Technical Officer of the company.

Another particularity is that most of these professionals work in Buenos Aires. "It is understandable because it is the capital, but we have observed more geographic diversity in other countries," she says regarding the little decentralization of the research efforts in Argentina.

There is more. The firm estimates that around 2% of the researchers, scientists, and academics part of Key Opinion Leaders' database are Argentinian or received training in Argentina at some point in their careers.

"Taking into account that the coverage of Key Opinion Leaders is around 50 million professionals who have made scientific contributions in the last 120 years in more than 170 countries, that 2% indicates that Argentina is not an average country in terms of scientific research and the impact of that research beyond its borders. It is definitely above average", Mrs. Codallo added.

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According to these statistics, traditionally, the most researched specialties in Argentina are Cardiology, Oncology, and Virology.

Because of the pandemic, research about covid symptoms has taken a leading position among the areas more researched in Argentina in the last two years. In the list of the most influential doctors in research on COVID-19 in Argentina, the first three are... read the entire article on

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