Clarivate Analytics Supports Australian Investment Opportunities in Public Sector Intellectual Property With Derwent Patent Data

Clarivate Analytics Supports Australian Investment Opportunities in Public Sector Intellectual Property With Derwent Patent Data

SYDNEY, Feb. 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Clarivate Analytics, the global leader in providing trusted insights and analytics to accelerate the pace of innovation, has partnered with IP Australia by providing  its enhanced patent data to augment its Source IP database. The enhanced Derwent patent data will be available for a number of patents currently listed on the Source IP national initiative.

Source IP was launched in November 2015 to help expose potential collaboration opportunities to Australian businesses seeking to work with public sector research partners and to facilitate quick and easy contact. The main goal of Source IP is to increase investment in public sector IP.

Source IP will expand its current Australian patent data with additional patent fields from the enriched patent data from Clarivate Analytics, specifically the Derwent World Patents Index (DWPI). With the addition of DWPI, it will be easier for industries to search and comprehend available patents, identify what patents can be licensed from Australian universities to strengthen their own R&D efforts, and identify potential research partners. Source IP currently features research expertise from over 67 research organizations including Commonwealth research organizations, universities, Medical Research Institutes and Cooperative Research Centers.

"We have always strongly supported the Australian government's National Innovation and Science Agenda. This includes supporting the Source IP initiative with our enhanced DWPI patent data as part of our continuous efforts at Clarivate Analytics to promote greater academia-industry collaboration within the innovation communities around the world," said Jeroen Prinsen, Vice President and Head of Australasia and Southeast Asia at Clarivate Analytics.

Patricia Kelly, IP Australia's Director General, commented on the contribution from Clarivate, "We're extremely privileged to have Clarivate Analytics provide us with the Derwent abstracts. These abstracts help strengthen Source IP, which is a powerful tool helping connect IP rights holders with Australian businesses. The Derwent abstracts have increased the chance of investment in public sector IP, potentially helping many different publicly funded research parties." 

Trusted by more than 40 patent offices worldwide, Derwent patent data, tools and technology, including DWPI is considered the global leader in providing research solutions to inventors, IP professionals and licensing specialists. DWPI provides the world's most trusted source of patent data, delivering editorially enhanced, authoritative and accurate patent data. Users accessing Source IP to investigate the licensing and collaboration opportunities that exist within Australia's research organizations will be able to review and access DWPI abstracts. In turn, enriched patent data provides users insight on the novelty of the respective invention and how it can be used, along with a re-written title to accurately reflect the nature of the invention for ease of comprehension. Source IP users will be able to gain a quick and accurate understanding of   how the research organizations' inventions may be applied in their industry, as many original patent documents tend to use highly technical terminology to describe the invention.

About IP Australia
IP Australia is the Australian Government agency that administers IP rights and legislation relating to patents, trademarks, designs and plant breeder's rights. It contributes to the innovation system more broadly by using its specialist skills and experience to assist Australian businesses to make the most of their IP and to provide advice to government. Learn more at   

About Source IP
Source IP is an IP Australia initiative to facilitate innovation and commercialization by providing a means for public sector patent holders to signal their licensing intent and promote their key areas of technology within a single platform. The initiative will seek to address a current barrier to collaboration and commercialization in that business finds it hard to access information about available public sector IP. This is a goal of the Government's Industry innovation and Competitiveness Agenda, in particular its focus on boosting collaboration between science and industry. Visit: 

About Derwent
Derwent powers the innovation lifecycle from idea to commercialization – with trusted patent data, applications, and services. For 50 years, Derwent has been the leader in patent-smart technology and applications for inventors, patent attorneys and licensing specialists at start-ups and the largest global innovators, legal professionals at the leading intellectual property practices, and patent examiners at more than 40 patent offices. With 100% of the world's leading patent fliers relying on Derwent solutions including Derwent Innovation, Derwent World Patents Index, Derwent Patents Citation Index and Derwent Data Analyzer, the results derived from monitoring technology trends and competitive landscapes, are deemed highly relevant to informing FTO opinions, prosecuting patents, monetizing and licensing assets and supporting litigation activities. Visit:

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