A Classy Destination Wedding is what North Indians want this wedding season: SweetRing Survey

NEW DELHI, Dec. 29, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- As the wedding season galore in India, everyone is setting new standards for their wedding after watching Virat and Anushka's ceremonies unfold. Stated as the wedding of the year, Virushka happened in Tuscany, Italy and is being celebrated even after weeks with receptions in Delhi and Mumbai. The star-studded parties showed the new way of dress-up not only for the bride and the groom but also friends and family and continued setting new standards for a wedding venue, decor, catering etc. Global serious dating app SweetRing conducted a survey in 4 major cities; Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Gujarat to understand how the millennials want their wedding ceremonies to look like. Out of the 4,000 people surveyed 76% voted for a destination wedding with a close-knit audience of friends and family followed by a grand wedding reception for everyone. However, only 39% admitted for it to be a feasible option, considering the grand wedding culture in India.

Though the majority agreed that Tuscany would be too far and out of the budget, 65% wanted a destination wedding to any resort close to their home-towns. More than 80% people wanted their friends and family to prepare for performances for the Sangeet function and preferred the families from the bride as well as groom side to celebrate it together. 68% girls also wanted to conduct their Mehndi function during the day with a pool-side party highly decorated with flowers where they could take their sunglasses out and switch on their swag by dancing to the tunes of the latest songs.

Weddings in India are still a family affair where parents invest heavily by saving for years but the survey showed that children of now marriageable age do not want their parents to spend all they have, especially in terms of dowry. About 68% people, both men and women, agreed that they would prefer to split expenses so the bride and the groom side spend equally. Also, while a lot of people are getting married this season, a lot are still looking for their life partners and attending weddings and dressing their best so they don't miss on the chance of finding the 'special one' anywhere.