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Clean Seas Seafood Limited launches SensoryFresh

Clean Seas Seafood Limited launches SensoryFresh

MELBOURNE, Australia, May 2, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The world's largest "full-cycle" breeder and farmer of Yellowtail Kingfish, Clean Seas Seafood Limited, has launched SensoryFresh which combines a range of rapid freeze technology and logistics protocols to deliver its Spencer Gulf Hiramasa Kingfish in a new premium frozen format.

CLE0037 SENSORY Shaun master Image
CLE0037 SENSORY Shaun master Image

SensoryFresh uses Liquid Nitrogen Rapid Freezing technology in an effort to capture the texture, colour, aroma and taste of 'freshly harvested' fish. It delivers sensory attributes that have made Spencer Gulf Hiramasa Kingfish the choice of Sushi masters and leading chefs around the world.

"Freezing high value, premium quality seafood is all about speed," said Managing Director & CEO of Clean Seas Seafood Limited, David Head. "The ice formation stage must be achieved as fast as possible for optimum texture and Clean Seas Rapid Freezing does this in around 22 minutes, 10 times faster than conventional freezing. And to capture the colour, aroma and flavour -35C must be reached quickly. Conventional freezing won't do this. Our Rapid Freezing achieves surface temperatures of -95C and core temperatures of -50C to -70C. We call it SensoryFresh--the closest thing to ocean fresh."

Japanese trained Sushi Master, Shaun Presland, Group Executive Chef at Sake Restaurants in Australia, was the first Chef to trial the SensoryFresh product, "I was seriously overwhelmed with how good this product is. The bloodline, the firm flesh and the aroma felt like this fish had just jumped out of the ocean," said Presland.

Over the past 18 years Clean Seas has established a reputation for its consistent supply of high quality fresh product twice weekly, fifty-two weeks a year by air to the leading cities of the world. Clean Seas describes its Spencer Gulf Hiramasa Kingfish as Probably, the best raw fish in the world.

"We won't say absolutely it's the best raw fish in world, but after talking to chefs around the world we don't believe there is a fish that matches Spencer Gulf Hiramasa Kingfish. Unsurpassed raw, outstanding cooked," says David Head. SensoryFresh has been developed by Clean Seas to meet what it sees as a significant market gap for customers seeking the highest quality Yellowtail Kingfish but with the convenience of a frozen format and without the cost of air freight.

Clean Seas has produced a promotional video to explain and promote SensoryFresh featuring Sake Group Executive Chef, Shaun Presland, in which he concludes, "Spencer Gulf Hiramasa Kingfish is such a good product, and now with this new one needs to miss out."

For further information contact Dig+Fish: or +61(0)423-418-536

David J Head
Managing Director and CEO

Julie Torok
GM Marketing and Product Development

About Clean Seas Seafood Limited

Clean Seas Seafood Limited was formed in 2000 and was publicly listed in 2005. The company is the global leader in full cycle breeding, production and sale of Spencer Gulf Hiramasa Kingfish and is renowned world-wide for its exceptionally high-quality fish, which is listed on menus of leading restaurants around the world.

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