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Clevertar launches the world's first, self sign-up 'virtual human' chatbot

Clevertar launches the world's first, self sign-up 'virtual human' chatbot

ADELAIDE, Australia, May 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Clevertar launches Conversagent, the world's first self sign-up 'virtual human' chatbot that can be deployed without the need for coding and in a matter of minutes.

A world first in virtual human platforms
A world first in virtual human platforms

Clevertar, the award-winning virtual human consumer engagement company, has launched its latest technological 'first'. Quick and easy for users to deploy, the Conversagent platform opens up the virtual human landscape to smaller businesses in need of efficient customer service agents without breaking the bank.

With the take-up of chatbots and conversational interfaces on the rise, Conversagent is the latest technological advance to come from award-winning Adelaide-based Clevertar. The new virtual human chatbot is reflective of research that shows people often prefer interacting with virtual agents over humans.

Whilst the popularity and effectiveness of chatbots has been well documented in the CX space in the past few years, Clevertar's use of virtual humans to deepen engagement with customers is transformational. Furthermore, rather than consumers finding it difficult to hold a conversation with AI, the evolution of virtual agents with names, realistic facial expressions and using body language are proven to ignite a consumer's natural desire to interact.

Conversagent requires no coding and can be set up on a company's website in under 15 minutes. Allowing users to increase sales and capture leads, the virtual human can follow a business' unique script or use one of the inbuilt templates. To activate the widget, a generated line of code is added to the website.

CEO of Clevertar Tanya Newhouse said: "Conversagent solves a very real business problem and is a breakthrough in the self-service chatbot market."

"One of the major issues facing companies large and small is that delivering a frictionless customer experience often requires a well-trained human support team.

"The best customer support staff are empathetic, helpful and know their company's products inside and out.

"Unfortunately, customer support teams are expensive to operationalise 24/7 but with Clevertar's technology companies can deploy a virtual human employee and take all of the best elements of their most effective support agents to train the virtual human and create conversational flows that deliver a satisfying customer experience every time.

"Not to mention, this technology doesn't require any coding and you can set up your virtual human in under 15 minutes.

"Conversagent is the world's first self-sign up virtual human chatbot solution that can be deployed via self-sign up without the need for coding.

"This conversational flow technology helps businesses automate their customer service, reduce customer service friction and increases your sales and lead capture.

"We know that consumers enjoy interacting with virtual humans as it's convenient and self-directed, and Conversagent makes it easy for any business with a website to put one into action."

Those interested can trial Conversagent and deploy a virtual agent on their website for free. Sign up and find out more here:

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