Cloudbric Adds WAF Evaluator to Cloudbric Labs

Cloudbric releases WAFER, a free security tool that evaluates the performance of WAFs (Web Application Firewalls) for website owners, admins, and developers seeking optimal web security.

SEOUL, South Korea, April 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Cloudbric, a cloud-based web security provider, has announced today the release of WAFER, the latest addition to Cloudbric Labs. Cloudbric Labs, a free collection of web security resources, consists of BlackIPedia, an IP reputation service, and Threat Index, a database of web vulnerabilities. Both are intended to empower users across the web in guarding against cyberattacks, and with the introduction of WAFER, one more tool has been made available for the cybersecurity community to create a more secure internet environment.

Accuracy plays an important role in gauging the effectiveness of a WAF. The differentiating factors that objectively test for accuracy and quality in a WAF are false positives and false negatives. False positives are legitimate requests the WAF mistakenly detects as malicious traffic and wrongly blocks. Meanwhile, false negatives are malicious requests that are not detected nor blocked and pass through the WAF as legitimate traffic. Because it's crucial that a WAF filters the website's "wrong" incoming traffic while ensuring that the "right" visitors can access the necessary web applications, low false positives are a must.

Currently, many WAF evaluators that test for performance, false negatives, and false positives are sold by vendors as offline software products. WAFER, on the other hand, is an online tool that tests for the accuracy of the most popular WAFs on the market and is available to everyone, free of charge. WAFER evaluates WAF performance by sending traffic to the domain to be tested using Exploit DB patterns and attack patterns collected and curated by the Cloudbric Labs' research team. Upon completion of the evaluation, a downloadable summary report is provided, assigning a letter grade (from A to D, A being the highest) to the WAF's detection and distinguishing abilities. The report also provides details about the false negatives, false positives, and attack patterns involved in the test.

TJ Jung, CEO of Cloudbric, said, "The most threatening cyberattacks facing organizations today are arising from readily-available exploit kits and hacker-for-hire services that make it easier for hackers to target all types of websites. In the midst of such trends, Cloudbric Labs was created to provide members in the cybersecurity community the security tools they need to not only make their own websites safe but the internet as a whole. WAFER is our latest addition to this ambitious project."

Following its spin-off, Cloudbric is expanding its global reach and consistently growing its service and solution offerings to make the internet a safer place. Its newest project includes plans to integrate deep learning technology into its WAF to develop market-leading detection precision.

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