Cloudbric Announces Reverse ICO And Development of Blockchain-based Security Platform

Cloudbric is introducing a decentralized, user-led security service set to disrupt the cybersecurity market.

SINGAPORE, May 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Cloudbric is pleased to announce the launch of an ICO for their upcoming blockchain-based security platform. Cloudbric's main advantage stems from already being a well-established security vendor and will use its expertise to decentralize its existing business infrastructure. This new project will offer a resolution to some of the disconcerting trends in the current cybersecurity landscape: oversaturation of security solutions and lack of transparency amongst vendors.

According to their ICO whitepaper, the background to their ICO project is this: as numerous vendors formulate remedies to new security risks, users are becoming overwhelmed by the number of choices offered and their lack of expertise in identifying which solution best meets their needs. Furthermore, threat intelligence data is generally privatized and used to fuel the advancement of each vendor's own solution rather than making it readily available for public use.

In response to such problems, Cloudbric has created a platform to get users involved in contributing data through a rewards system with Cloudbric's CLB tokens. The platform will provide free web and endpoint security for non-commercial users, decentralizing its data to allow users to contribute to the very security solution that protects them. Fundamentally, the project's purpose is to eliminate the users' burden of choosing from numerous solutions and create a platform with user-generated data, fully transparent with the use of blockchain technology.  

With a steady foundation in place and award-winning services in the market, Cloudbric will introduce its Decentralized Universal Security Platform. Composed of at least two essential components, it will aim to make information and security open and accessible to all. The first component is a security platform, composed of a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity solutions, including but not limited to website security, malware detection, crypto asset protection, and IoT security. And second is a threat intelligence community, which is comprised of user-generated threat information.

"With over 20 years of security expertise under our belt and a proven global track record, we are confident that a decentralized security service will revolutionize the cybersecurity market. The ICO will help fund for the development of our security platform and the driving technology behind it—Vision, our highly-anticipated deep learning engine," said TJ Jung, CEO of Cloudbric.

Cloudbric will be launching its reverse ICO to build on its pre-existing web security service. With industry-leading technology, Cloudbric has acquired 28 IDCs and 50 partnerships to provide global servicing. The company's public sales for its CLB tokens will be announced on their blog.

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