Combination of IoT and AI computing technology, Ruff will launch the AI Face Tracking Module

SHANGHAI, April 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- With the business scenarios escalatingthere is more demand to upgrade technology. The new product, Ruff Face ID Module, a face tracking module Ruff launched, is based on IoT+ machine learning skills that can implant the original complex l AI algorithm into a 35mm*42mm chip. The AI chip provides neural network computing with the capacity for machine vision and speech recognition.

Ruff Face ID
Ruff Face ID

The chip runs high-speed neural network calculations with ultra-low power consumption, targeting testing and image classification, face detection and recognition, multi-classification object detection and recognition.

Ruff Face ID Tracking Module
Ruff Face ID Tracking Module

Ruff Face ID has machine vision and audio abilities, when it comes to practical business scenarios, it is able to operate data storage and use edge computing. It also has a convolution artificial neural network hardware accelerator which manages the calculations more efficiently.

Compared to other chip modules on the market, Ruff Face ID has four main advantages:

1. Fusion of IoT and AI Edge Computing

In the case of high real-time requirements, the demand from cloud to edge is magnified. Critical applications for face recognition and tracking, local data processing and edge computing will become a necessity.

Ruff Face ID's AI chip enables off-line processing for edge calculations and advanced machine learning models for deep neural networks, including video frames, speech synthesis, time series data, and cameras, microphones, and other data generated by sensors or equipment.

Based on edge computing, the integration of the Internet of Things and AI, it is more efficient and provides rapid responses in business scenarios, while reducing the storage and running costs of cloud data, especially some repetitive and low-value data.

2. Easy installation and use

For corporate clients and manufacturers in the process of utilizing intellectual technology, there will be a variety of complex obstacles between data and devices, including technology to modules, modules to equipment, to data then to the cloud. It takes significant time and cost to overcome these obstacles

Ruff Face ID provides a face-tracking module and cloud services, the cloud service supplies users with SaaS, which allows them to use remote device management including updating firmware, updating algorithms, push notifications, facial recognition, viewing history and remote data management.

3. Lower costs

Ruff Face ID is able to handle real time data utilizing edge and cloud services to reduce cost, as there is not need to invest in additional hardware.

Ruff Face ID has been featured in multiple articles including the 2019 "STARTUP IN SHANGHAI" International innovation and entrepreneurship events, reporting by East Media, Shangguan News, hello Zhangjiang, Wenhui News, Youth News and CCTV Mobile.

About Ruff

Being an innovative technology company in the IoT field, Ruff has been researching and developing IoT technology and products since 2015. Ruff has already introduced a JavaScript supported IoT operating system, IoT smart gateway hardware and solutions for smart city businesses.

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