CommsEase Releases New Global Intelligent Routing Network WE-CAN to Provide the Technological Cornerstone of Metaverse

CommsEase Releases New Global Intelligent Routing Network WE-CAN to Provide the Technological Cornerstone of Metaverse

HANGZHOU, China, May 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- In recent years, social and entertainment applications have shown a boom worldwide. However, the development is accompanied by the difficulty in guaranteeing the quality of real-time data transmission under long distance and complex network conditions.

CommsEase, the leading cloud communications service provider, is now launching WE-CAN, a global intelligent routing network. Relying on the advanced design concept of "layered decoupling, hierarchical services and path reuse," WE-CAN becomes the industry's first transport layer base independent of business logic.

WE-CAN is a large-scale distributed transmission network developed by CommsEase. This complex network system erected on the public Internet has demonstrated its ability to both improve quality and reduce the cost of data transmission through intelligent scheduling of various resources. As the transmission base of CommsEase, the fundamental goal of WE-CAN is to send any data from any point to any other corner of the world stably, quickly and efficiently, and to guarantee a smooth interactive experience in social, entertainment and even Metaverse worlds with low-latency and highly reliable transmission services.

WE-CAN provides lag-free audio and video services for 99.9% of calls, while effectively improving link utilization, with cross-country communications approaching leased line quality and worldwide latency not exceeding 250ms. Currently, WE-CAN has deployed nodes in 200+ major regions worldwide, including Asia, Middle East, Europe, North America and North Africa, and complies with the data security policies of each region, which can greatly enhance the communication experience of global entertainment and social apps.

In addition, WE-CAN perfectly supports media streaming, instant messaging, signaling and universal data transmission, which can be widely applied to real-time messaging, real-time audio and video, live streaming, video on-demand, whiteboard and other product scenarios to meet the diverse needs of global pan-entertainment players.

In the Metaverse scenario, the ultimate immersive interaction experience is of paramount importance. The technological basis for achieving strong interaction is low latency transmission and synchronization of data so that information can be transmitted unhindered in the Metaverse. CommsEase has provided Yaotai, one of the most representative Metaverse platforms in Asia, with its global intelligent routing network and integrated communication capabilities to help Yaotai realize immersive interaction throughout the scenario.

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