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Complete Genomics Partners with Integrated DNA Technologies to Establish New Ecosystem of NGS Products

Complete Genomics Partners with Integrated DNA Technologies to Establish New Ecosystem of NGS Products

SAN JOSE, California, Oct. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Complete Genomics, Inc., a pioneering genomic sequencing company, today announced its partnership with Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT), a global genomics solutions provider, to develop an ecosystem of advanced compatible products based on Complete Genomics' innovative DNBSEQ™ sequencing platforms.

"High-throughput sequencing is a multi-step process that demands high accuracy and performance while maintaining an easy-to-use workflow. This partnership with IDT will combine its sample/library preparation expertise with Complete Genomics sequencing which provides a simplified and optimized workflow for a range of high value applications," said Rob Tarbox, Complete Genomics' Vice President of Product and Marketing, "With a growing install base of our DNBSEQ platforms*, we are excited to provide streamlined reagents for our partners and customers to use."

With a mission to accelerate the pace of genomics, IDT has been enabling genomics laboratories and researchers in high-throughput sequencing, CRISPR genome editing, synthetic biology, digital PCR, RNA interference, and more with its proprietary technologies since 1987. Its relationship with MGI, parent company of Complete Genomics, started in June 2018.  With Complete Genomics' technical support, IDT has empowered users in library preparation through conversion workflow and data generated by targeted sequencing.

Earlier this year, Complete Genomics joined the IDT Collab Network as one of its founding members. The program aims to unite researchers and industry partners under a single, impactful research network to foster learning, collaboration, and future technology development. With an increasing installation base of DNBSEQ sequencing platforms, the companies are enhancing their partnership by optimizing IDT's technology for Complete Genomics' sequencing platforms. The two partners will work together to develop a range of library preparation solutions that can directly be sequenced on DNBSEQ sequencing platforms without the need for library conversion.

As the NGS market continues to mature, more users are driving the need for faster, better and more innovative solutions to help them answer complex questions to their oncology, immunology and infectious disease projects," said Linda De Jesus, VP/GM, Global Head of Commercial at IDT. "We're proud to be joining forces with Complete Genomics to accelerate the speed of genomics research and ensure users of its DNBSEQ sequencing platform have access to the NGS tools they need to advance important discoveries."

Joined by a strategic partnership of top expertise and cutting-edge technologies, Complete Genomics and IDT are set to take high-throughput sequencing to the next level with a simplified workflow that is highly compatible, flexible, and efficient. With emerging needs in the field, the new ecosystem of compatible products represents a significant leap in providing users with more flexible, accessible and impactful Complete Genomic solutions, empowering the next scientific breakthrough.

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Complete Genomics is a pioneering life sciences company that provides novel, end to end DNA sequencing solutions. It has been at the forefront of high throughput sequencing technology development since its inception in 2005. Our products have powered over 6,200 publications across a wide array of applications. To learn more, visit

* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


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