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Consentium unveils plans for app launch as it ramps up efforts to build and engage in-app communities

Consentium unveils plans for app launch as it ramps up efforts to build and engage in-app communities

        In August, an Android version will be rolled out while the iOS version will be rolled out in September

        The integration of the Chat Community Monetisation Model (CCM) will be completed across all platforms by October

        Consentium coins (CSM) are currently listed on HitBTC and will be listed on CMC Markets, followed by KuCoin in the coming months

        With 15 years of experience in the social media networking application and platform field, Ekaterina Skorobogatova has held roles at Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, now joins the team as an Advisor

Singapore, July 02, 2018 - Consentium, a multi-digital-currency and group monetisation chat application, has today announced an updated roadmap which includes details on its app launch and latest addition to its leadership team. This follows its successful Token Generation Event (TGE) earlier in April this year.

Consentium allows peer-to-peer (P2P), multi-digital-currency and C2C (consumer-to-consumer) transfers between users. It offers a transactional fee redistribution program as an incentive to create and cultivate strong in-app communities. Consentium uses a reward system based on creation of quality community groups – comprising both amount of users, as well as in-app reputation of users.

In an effort to cultivate and engage users, the Consentium app – which will first be rolled out on Android platforms on 1 August, followed by iOS on 10 September – will also be made available in English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Arabic. This underscores its intention to engage key markets in Asia where user mobile engagement rates are high and the cryptocurrency space has matured rapidly in recent months. Consentium also expects to fully integrate its Chat Community Monetisation Model (CCM) across all platforms by October 2018.

The Consentium app will include two salient features to leverage on the popularity of mobile chat applications and the transactions of cryptocurrencies; the chat community and the multiple digital (C2C) currency wallet, which allows peer-to-peer interactions at both individual and group levels. The chat feature allows individuals to create, share, communicate and produce unique content through 1-to-1 chats with other individuals, or create chat groups and channels via communities for brands and influencers. This allows for multiple monetisation opportunities across one integrated platform, applicable to different communities.

Joining the team to help drive these developments is Ekaterina Skorobogatova. Her 15 years of experience in the social media networking application and platform field will greatly contribute to the app’s development. She most recently led growth efforts at WhatsApp Inc., and prior to that, spearheaded the launch of Facebook in Russia. Ekaterina has also taken on other roles within Facebook and Internet Org, working in teams which focused on mobile growth and product development respectively.

These updates build on the existing momentum Consentium has achieved in the past two months. MegaXstore, a Singapore-owned multi-label store now accepts Consentium coins (CSM) as a payment currency for its products having announced a partnership in April. CSM is also now listed on, the world’s most advanced cryptocurrency exchange, and will soon be listing on CMC Markets, followed by KuCoin. Listing on HitBTC will support the ongoing liquidity of CSM and enhance its utility by allowing consumers and potential users of the Consentium app gain easy access to the tokens.

Interested users may visit its website at and view its whitepaper to learn more about its groundbreaking features and capabilities.


About Consentium

Consentium is a new chat application, which is the first to reward its users with cryptocurrency for virtually any group or community they create. The cryptocurrency, Consentium Coins (CSM), generated on the platform are based on the Ethereum platform, which is the world’s largest leading smart contract blockchain.

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