Consulting for the Results: First Chinese Consulting Firm Kmind Presents Case Study at NACRA 2019

PHOENIX, Oct. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Kmind Consulting("Kmind"), China's benchmark competitive strategy consulting firm, was invited to present "Consulting for Results: An Experiment of Kingmind on companies in China", providing a unique insight on international business for the consulting industry. The invitation marks the first time a Chinese consulting company has been invited to present at the North American Case Research Association ("NACRA") in its 61-year history. This year the annual conference was held in Phoenix, Arizona between October 10-12.

The milestone invitation is the latest Kmind has received to share a Chinese perspective on competitive strategy consulting, following earlier invitations to the 3rd Sino-American Venture Capital Summit along with 2018 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholders Meeting and 2019 London Business School China Business Forum (CBF).

Founded in 1958, NACRA is a not-for-profit organization, comprised of over 500 international researchers, case writers, and educators, mostly from business disciplines. The association supports research, writing, and teaching of business cases, and publishes a quarterly Case Research Journal containing leading business cases. NACRA also published cases through their publishing partners, including Harvard Business School Press, Ivey, The Case Centre and McGraw-Hill, among others. More than 300 professors and scholars from global universities were invited to discuss and analyze business cases.

Global business professors were discussing shortlisted cases
Global business professors were discussing shortlisted cases

"We are honored to be featured at NACRA's annual conference. This reflects the growing recognition of Kmind's evolutionary consulting mindset 'Consulting for results' in prominent overseas academic circles," said Xie Weishan, chairman and co-founder of Kmind Consulting. "We believe Kmind's innovations in consulting enable the industry to meet the needs of today's businesses better while promoting international business development."

Kmind believes the integration of knowledge is essential to success. Each business theory has boundaries in its application. Therefore, success with a single method is hard to achieve. In its implementation of a novel methodology that fuses wisdom from eastern thinkers including Sun Tzu and Lao Zi, Western management experts such as A.I., Ries; Jack Trout; Peter Drucker, and decades of consulting experience in the Chinese market, Kmind has cultivated a unique consulting approach. Regarding itself as a business partner, Kmind's three-stage philosophy delivers value by focusing on strategic, operational and management outcomes.

At the conference, Liu Xuewei, deputy editor-in-chief of Business Review, a leading Chinese business journal, and author of "Consulting for Results: An Experiment of Kingmind on companies in China," shared Kmind's exploration and insights into the solutions for companies to achieve significant growth, which was well-received by the scholars and professors.

Michael Goldman, VP of NACRA and Associate Professor of Management, was among the scholars who were intrigued by Kmind and its clients. "I am glad to see the first Chinese consulting company coming to share its business cases in the conference's 61 years history. Kmind has helped numerous Chinese companies go international through their innovative approach, but this moment proves that Kmind has gone international itself. Its roadmap to the international stage will further inspire the consulting companies around the world," he said.

Professor William Wei, Associate Dean of Business School of MacEwan University and head of China Section of NACRA, said "In many cases, consulting companies are the unsung contributor behind successful business cases. We hope that, by inviting Kmind to the conference, its innovative approach to business management will grab the attention of global scholars and global leading companies alike for them to jointly seek management techniques for a new era of diverse business needs.

NACRA 2019 schedule
NACRA 2019 schedule

Embodying the next generation of consulting, Kmind has helped over ten companies achieve significant growth in the past five years. Five clients have exceeded 10 billion yuan in revenue and nine are positioned as leaders within their industry. Kmind also advocates the study of Chinese management concepts through practical business cases. Six Kmind cases were selected in China's top 100 case studies of excellent management and are regarded as exemplary applications of Chinese business theory.

In addition, Kmind's chairman, Xie Weishan, was invited to deliver a keynote alongside HSBC, UBS, and Tencent during the 2019 London Business School CBF. During the forum, Kmind received widespread recognition from other enterprises regarding their deepening influence in the European market.

"Chinese companies are emerging on the world stage. China's unique business ecology and the millennial business philosophy is an embodiment of Chinese cultural output and is a significant contributor to the global discourse on the world business consulting community," said Xie Weishan.

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