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SYDNEY, Feb. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Fresh from an award-winning showing at one of the world's biggest tech events and just a week after gifting the world's biggest music stars its products at the 65th Grammy Awards, Aiper is making a splash in the Australian market with its revolutionary new pool cleaning robots.

Aiper CES Innovation Award Honoree
Aiper CES Innovation Award Honoree

Favoured by American consumers, Aiper is diving into Australian pools with gusto, consumers lapping up the innovative brand that has just earned itself an award at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

CES is considered the most influential tech event with global innovators tripping over themselves to feature in it.

The Home Appliance Innovation gong recognises Aiper as a global leader in home tech, an enviable achievement for a product range that has been praised by some of the most reputable outlets in the United States.

"We love to see exciting new smart cleaning technology, and we think that these aquatic pool vacuum robots from Aiper are impressive tools," USA Today said of the products.

Aiper's Elite Pro and Seagull SE are available for purchase in Australia now, while the Seagull Plus will soon be joining the posse Down Under in mid-February. 

The cordless cleaners are equipped with hassle-free features that takes out the backbreaking work associated with traditional creepy crawlies, including self-parking capabilities, fast charging time, and an eco-friendly lithium battery.

"The whole industry is going towards wireless, robotic and smart," Aiper's US General Manager Brent Korner said. "We want to get away from cords since wireless is the wave of the future."

According to the Las Vegas Review Journal Aiper solves the pool cleaning pain point that most homeowners find themselves having to deal with.

Getting your hands on the latest and greatest doesn't need to break the bank either. The Seagull Plus, launching in Australia on February 15th, gives pool owners a more budget-friendly option without sacrificing the high techs and specs.

Being the second most advanced product in the Seagull series, the Seagull Plus features upgraded features including a nylon holding tray, run time of 110 minutes, and can be recharged in just 2.5 hours.

Equipped with a dual-motor system, the cordless cleaner is able to limit the time pool owners have traditionally spent dealing with sand, dirt, leaves, or any other pesky pool debris.

The Seagull Plus features Aiper's signature hydrodynamic design, allowing the robot to glide over a pool floor's surface with less water resistance compared to its bulky, creepy crawly counterparts.

The Seagull Plus, which is valued at $569.99 and will be available for purchase through Aiper's website from February 15.

Those who order theirs between February 8 and 22 will be eligible for an Early Bird discount of $80.

For more information on Aiper's full range of cordless robotic cleaning products, visit 

About Aiper 
Aiper is the leading global creator of eco-friendly, cordless robotic pool cleaners on a mission to create simple, smart cleaning solutions. After doing a deep dive into the pain points of traditional pool cleaners – and the overall hassle of keeping a pool clean – the company embarked on a path to merge smart technology with innovative solutions to create the world's most easy-to-use robotic pool cleaner. Unlike other products on the market, each Aiper product is guaranteed to minimize the time and money spent laboring, and more time enjoying quality time with friends, family by the pool. Through that, Aiper has earned its place as the world's best cordless robotic pool cleaner since its launch in 2017. 

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