coocaa Kicks Off Diwali with Official S6G Pro Launch in India and Flipkart Vouchers for coocaa Subscribers

coocaa wishes everyone a happy Diwali

NEW DELHI, Nov. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- To celebrate Diwali, coocaa is launching the new S6G Pro in India. The S6G Pro is coocaa's first smart TV with Android 10.0, which offers more responsiveness and more powerful functions with a user-friendly UI, a multi-language keyboard, and compatibility with a variety of multimedia formats. Built-in Google Assistant, enables users to turn their television into the center of their smart home ecosystem. With the S6G Pro, users can control their television, lights, speakers, air conditioning, and other smart devices throughout the home with a simple voice command. It also features a substantial 2+32GB internal memory, allowing users to install thousands of apps with zero lag to customize the television to their specific needs and help them get more out of their S6G Pro.

Official S6G Pro Launch in India
Official S6G Pro Launch in India

The S6G Pro uses the latest technologies and offers endless options to bring greater enjoyment to the whole family. The smart television features a cutting-edge Chameleon Extreme 2.0 image processing unit to ensure exceptionally crisp, lifelike images, as well as a 38.3% boost in overall performance. 4K AIPQ advanced image quality adjustment further optimizes image quality from multiple dimensions, and includes dynamic remodeling and contrast enhancement. Plus, thanks to the latest AV1 decoding technology, families can spend less time buffering and more time watching. And for families that can't decide on what to watch, DailyPlay AI-powered recommendations can help find content everyone will love.

With Dolby Audio & DTS StudioSound technology, users can enjoy truly immersive sound that brings movies, cricket matches, online videos, and concerts to life. And with bidirectional Bluetooth 5.0, the S6G Pro can be connected to a variety of external devices, such as keyboards, headsets, and gaming controllers for even more options.

The coocaa S6G Pro is already available on Flipkart, one of India's top online retail sites. And to celebrate Diwali, coocaa is offering fans who subscribe to coocaa on Flipkart a special discount valid Oct. 15-Nov. 15, 2020. coocaa subscribers who purchase a 43-inch S6G Pro will receive a INR1000 Flipkart credit. Plus, coocaa is also giving away a free TV. Visit the coocaashop website today and subscribe for a chance to win at 


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