coocaa TV lights the way to the AFF Suzuki Cup 2020 Championship

coocaa TV lights the way to the AFF Suzuki Cup 2020 Championship

HANOI, Vietnam, Dec. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The AFF Suzuki Cup 2020 -- one of the most important tournaments of the year in Southeast Asian football -- officially kicked off on December 5th, 2021. As a crowd favourite within in the Southeast Asian market, coocaa TV was selected as AFF Suzuki Cup 2020's official Smart TV, firing up all the teams attending at the tournament.

With matches now underway, coocaa is honored to have its "prominent" brand image across stadiums, gaining extensive brand coverage throughout TV shows and social media, bringing coocaa closer to fans.

coocaa TV lights the way to the AFF Suzuki Cup 2020 Championship
coocaa TV lights the way to the AFF Suzuki Cup 2020 Championship

To share inspiration and bridge the gap between football fans, coocaa released the thrilling "Vietnam - Road to Glory" video, hyping the AFF tournament while becoming one of the most locally searched videos online.

Designated as the official supporter of the AFF Suzuki Cup 2020, coocaa hosted a party with football fans at Cool Bar for the first match, where a number of celebrities – more notably The Heros 2021 star, Quan AP – made appearances. The match-watching was an enormous success and an unforgettable viewing experience for fans attended.

coocaa's creative and dynamic activities also shone through its "coocaa Knight - bring back the champion" event where fans on the streets cheered on the AFF Championship, alongside coocaa's viral "Guess the champion for coocaa TV Refunds" event in early December, surprising supporters with 100% refunds on their coocaa TV orders.

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With the advantage of being a leader in smart TV technology trends, coocaa has grown by 256% over the same period last year and is in the TOP 2 brands of home appliances & TVs sold on Vietnamese e-commerce sites in this year's 12/12 year-end campaign – namely the S6G Pro Max and S6G Pro Silver.

Mr. Ren – CEO of coocaa Vietnam shared:" Looking back 2021, we have had great breakthroughs and achievements in the Vietnamese market, to achieve these things, it is impossible not to mention the support of Vietnamese consumers. In the coming year, we will bring more diverse and creative brand activities, focusing on research and development of innovative products, bringing to every Vietnamese family the best products. and the best service.''

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