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Coofandy, a men's fashion brand, is going global

Coofandy, a men's fashion brand, is going global

Coofandy is going global.

NEW YORK, March 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Now Coofandy is expanding its global reach. Its products are available for purchase in 100+ different countries in Europe, America, and many other countries. Additionally, Coofandy ensures that the products they receive meet local regulations and standards, such as size and labeling requirements.

Coofandy adheres to the mission of "making the good life within reach" to meet the global consumers' demand for high-quality and personalized fashion; Coofandy has continued to cultivate at the basic platform level, sales side, and supply side and has gradually polished a rapid response capability, integrating product development and design, brand incubation and operation, and supply chain integration.

Coofandy X KOL

Many KOLs from around the world on instagram, youtube and tiktok, recommended products from Coofandy. 

Alex Costa (@Alex Costa), a fashion influencer with 3.8 million followers on Youtube, frequently wears Coofandy's casual wear products. You can check his video '5 Masculine Habits Women Find WILDLY Attractive' to know the brand Coofandy better.

Ashley (@Mens Fashioner), a YouTuber with 0.5 million+ subscribers, has also shown her love for the brand's clothes. Celebrity Menswear Stylist Ashley Weston co-founded Mens Fashioner. She's been called, by The New York Times, "The Woman Who Dresses Hollywood's Leading Men" as well as one of "Hollywood's Most Powerful Stylists," according to The Hollywood Reporter. Her work can be seen on the red carpets of film and television premieres, the covers and pages of GQ, Esquire, Vanity Fair, Men's Health, Men's Journal, Wired, InStyle, Interview, and the advertising campaigns of Google, Youtube, Diesel, Reebok, Brooks Brothers, IFC, and many others.

Coofandy X best selling products

Coofandy's popular products include suits, blazers, dress shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and jackets. Some of the best-sellers among all the Company's lineups include Coofandy Men's Cotton Linen Henley Shirt, Men's Casual Hoodies Sweatshirt, and Mens Floral Tuxedo Jacket Paisley Shawl Lapel Suit. The brand also offers a range of accessories, including ties, belts, and hats. Coofandy's clothing is available for purchase on its website as well as through various e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Walmart.

Coofandy is a fashion brand that specializes in men's clothing. The brand was founded in 2013 and is based in Guangzhou, China. Coofandy offers a range of clothing options, including formal wear, casual wear, activewear, and accessories.

For more information about Coofandy, please visit: the Coofandy websitethe Coofandy Amazon shop, or connect with Coofandy on Facebook and Instagram.

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