Coupang Opens Back-to-School Store as the New School Year Begins in South Korea

- Key back-to-school supplies grouped by product categories and age/users, offering more convenient shopping experience  

- Expanded the customer base with a category for teachers as well as students  

- Runs a promotion offering up to a 10% discount on select Rocket Delivery products by March 18    

SEOUL, South Korea, March 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- As the new school year begins in South Korea, ecommerce platform Coupang ( has launched a back-to-school store that is available globally.  

Coupang opens back-to-school store as the new school year in South Korea begins.
Coupang opens back-to-school store as the new school year in South Korea begins.

The new store has key school supplies for the new semester in categories such as writing utensils and items for physical education. It is more convenient to shop on the site as the products are also classified by age and user, such elementary school students, middle/high school students and college students. The shopper base has been augmented with a separate category for teachers as well.    

Flagship items include the Kakao Friends Mini Rectangular Pencil Case featuring cartoon characters on the case. Zebra's Mild Liner Highlighters offer soft hues, and documents can be easily classified in the six folders of Leitz's Wow Project File.  

Tamsaa's Copy Paper (A4, 1000 sheets) is smooth writing paper that works with all printer types, including inkjet and all-in-one printers and copiers, and offers soft texture, clean and legible documents and resistance to paper jams. Sysmax's EL Document Box is a lightweight and practical item built with a transparent material. 

Coupang is also running a promotion offering up to a 10% discount on select Rocket Delivery items by March 18, 2018.  

Coupang's Senior Director Susan Kendra said, "As the new semester has officially started, more parents and students are seeking to buy school supplies at low prices. The Back-to-School store is the go-to place to shop for supplies that students are looking for."       

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