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Cradlepoint Announces Availability of Zero Trust Network Access Solution for 5G and Hybrid Networks

Cradlepoint Announces Availability of Zero Trust Network Access Solution for 5G and Hybrid Networks Providing organisations with an easier way to identify, assign and manage user-to-application access using a fully integrated ZTNA solution GlobeNewswire December 07, 2022

MELBOURNE, Australia, Dec. 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cradlepoint, the global leader in cloud-delivered LTE and 5G wireless network solutions, is today announcing the availability of its third NetCloud Exchange (NCX) solution, Zero Trust Network Access.  NCX ZTNA ensures a native ZTNA experience that offers simplicity, efficiency, and granularity for Cradlepoint deployments.

While cellular connectivity delivers agility and the freedom to connect anyone from anywhere, this extended WAN edge—encompassing resources in sites, vehicles, and remote locations—creates a broader network attack surface. This, along with the need for an extended workforce to access resources in a secure way, requires an innovative approach to network security. Zero trust is emerging as the technology of choice to address these challenges.

“Zero Trust Network Access is one of the main enablers of modern security,” said Shamus McGillicuddy, vice president of research at analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA). “Instead of broad access to network resources, access is determined only by policy, and granted by session. Cradlepoint is taking a unique approach by tightly integrating both ZTNA and SD-WAN into their Wireless WAN architecture.”

With a focus on enterprises who are looking to leverage 5G, Cradlepoint’s NCX ZTNA solution will offer differentiated capabilities to support the expanded edge and extended workforce. Key capabilities include:

  • Simplified administration through an integrated policy engine: A single, attribute-based policy engine for NCX SD-WAN and ZTNA allows administrators to create both network and user-based policies, reducing operational complexity and accelerating time to service.
  • Deployment flexibility with multiple forms of network access: NCX ZTNA provides a variety of different access models including a client, Cradlepoint router, and a browser-based option (with browser-based available in 2023).
  • Isolated user-to-resource access through fine-grained policies: With NCX ZTNA, users, such as third-party vendors, can be permitted access to only a specific resource such as an IP camera, digital sign, or Point of Sale system.

“As one of the largest global manufacturers of automated car washes, our turnkey as-a-service solution includes everything from the car wash equipment to the networking equipment to the integrations with point-of-sale (POS) systems and security cameras. We are excited about Cradlepoint’s NCX ZTNA service as a way of ensuring that only authorised individuals, get only the access they require, to these highly critical systems,” said Michael Stepetic, chief technology officer, Motor City Express Networks, LLC.

Cradlepoint NCX ZTNA adds to the previously announced Secure Connect and SD-WAN Services. All services are based on the same zero-trust foundation and are enabled through the NetCloud Exchange Service Gateway—a scalable solution that aggregates traffic, provides flow-level visibility, and acts as the policy-enforcement point in the network.

“ZTNA represents a more intelligent approach to network security, which is imperative as the modern, digital attack surface grows,” said Donna Johnson, senior vice president of marketing at Cradlepoint. “Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Exchange ZTNA mitigates the risk of lateral movement by directly connecting users to applications, instead of the network. It allows cellular-centric customers to take advantage of a ZTNA solution that is built-in to their Wireless WAN deployment as opposed to bolted-on.”

For more information on Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Exchange solution, Zero Trust Network Access, please visit

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