Crafting Unique Travel Stories - Takeaways from a Panel of Media and Marketing Practitioners in Bali

BALI, Indonesia, April 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Hospitality businesses are facing greater competition in today's digital arena due to the global spend on digital and social media advertising spiraling upwards. To help hospitality businesses stand out, the PR Newswire team organized the seventh edition of Indonesia's Media Coffee, held in The Stones Hotel, Bali on April 12, 2019. This event, focusing on telling unique travel brand stories across multichannel touchpoints was eagerly anticipated with all the 200 available slots taken up within two days.

Bali Media Coffee Speakers with our Regional Sales Director, Richard
Bali Media Coffee Speakers with our Regional Sales Director, Richard

This event featured a multi-talented cast of speakers including Satria Naradha, President Director at the Bali Post Media Group; Feliciana Wienathan, Product Communication at Google Indonesia; Windy Ariestanty, Founder at the Writing Table; Rony Kuncoro, Video Content Producer at Kumparan; and Rendrian Maharsya, Business Development Manager at PR Newswire. These speakers shared their views to optimize media coverage through crafting stories that resonate with audiences. Here's a recap of our team's four key takeaways from this event:

1.  Indulge audiences with a series of local footprints.

There's nothing like cultural experiences to connect readers to a destination, and according to Bali Post (the island's leading media) internal research, coverage of eco-tourism and cultural experiences are on the most-wanted list of their readers.

A common mistake made by hospitality businesses is to use generic content, such as beautiful beach vacations, which doesn't stand out to global audiences. Satria Naradha shared, "We need to look at the local media first and gain insights into what's trending. Only then will businesses understand what types of unique content they can create and share to really attract a global audience."

2.  Always keep in mind that you are not the hero of your story.  

A common mistake made in press releases is overly brand-centric content. "The truth is, our readers will never pay attention to what your brand does, moreover if it doesn't meet their interest. Go deeper to understand your audience, touch their heart, and always remember, what matters is to make the audience the hero; brands only provide guidance, to help the audience find their path to get involved," said Windy Ariestanty.

Windy Ariestanty shared another two common press release missteps such as the failure to focus on the story value, as well as not making the content easier to understand. She added, "Good storytelling means that you are simplifying complex things into sentences that can be understood by a child. Unfortunately, most people still do the opposite, and seek to puff up their words to make their content look better."

Feliciana Wienathan, Product Communication at Google
Feliciana Wienathan, Product Communication at Google

3.  Optimize cross-channel platforms to make your brand more visible.

Research from Think with Google shows that Indonesian audiences tend to take around two weeks to research online for a trip, but make last-minute bookings. To ensure hospitality content is heard and visible to the right audience especially at the booking stage, Feliciana Wienathan advised, "Use data and insights, such as Think with Google and Google Trends to understand our audience pain points. Subsequently, execute your content accordingly, with the right mix of digital platforms and multimedia channels."

4.  Invite the audience to interact with your content and drop them a surprise.

"As quoted from a philosopher, Jim Rhon, effective communication is 20% what you know and 80% how you feel about it. So, think of ways to not only inform your audience but to entertain and surprise them," said Rony Kuncoro. As a professional video producer, he shared some tips, "Don't provide all information in one video content. Excite their curiosity and get them attached to your product. "In addition, do not reveal your brand too early because there's a tendency that people will stop viewing content once they see a brand name appearing on a video."

The attendees for this event were invited to participate in a contest, posting photos of pre-event festivities, group selfies using different props, and their favourite presentation highlights from the various speakers, on various social media channels (#PRNmediacoffee).

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