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Craig Raymo Releases New Track Honoring 20th Anniversary Song for Unity

Craymo, being who he is, is happy to share this song of joy, love and unity with the children of the world, because they are our future. The original version was released after the events of 9/11/2001 to help inspire unity, healing and hope.

Since 1989, when he first appeared on Star Search, Craymo has shared his gift with the world, and the world has taken notice. He’s licensed a plethora of songs in television shows and indie films for the last two decades, and he’s proven that his star only burns brighter as the years go on. Craymo is an award-winning singer-songwriter, LGBTQ artist that knows just how powerful music can be.

With a newly imagined reggaeton beat, The Freedom Mix serves as a chance to remember that not only are we are all connected, but we are all one, one human race, one being, made up of one love. The release of the song seemingly could not have come at a better time. A time where were are divided on everything from politics, gender identity, racial inequality, and even how to fight this contagious virus, this song serves as a unifier for the people of the world. One Love One World recently won Best Pop Dance Song and Best Pop Dance Mix in the Fall 2021 Clouzine International Music Awards.

Produced and written by Craig Stephen Raymo (Craymo) himself, features Brandon Jarrett on additional songwriting duties, who is a talented musician and composer in his own right. The duo breathes new life and a new funky vibe into a song that once again hopes to bring the world together in harmony.

The Freedom mix, which has a dancehall, pop, and rock feel, was born from Craymo’s vision of unity, brotherhood, equality, and true world peace. Craymo has used his gift to share the concept of connection throughout mankind all over the world, young students in the USA, Australia, Canada, the UK, and even Asia have performed One Love One World at school events. Craymo, being who he is, is happy to share the joy and love with the children around the globe.

Fans and listeners of Craymo can expect One Love One World to premier all streaming platforms on October 15th of 2021. The old-made-new pop anthem will be available anywhere you download music. Craymo’s fans can follow him on whichever social media site they prefer, his handles are as follows: Twitter: @craymo Instagram: @craymomusic YouTube: Craymo Facebook:

These times are tough, and people like Craymo who want to do something good in the world seem to be few and far between. We hope this song reaches all the far reaches of the globe as its message is one that everyone could use. We are all one, and we should band together instead of tearing one another apart. Hopefully, Freedom Mix can be a symbol of just that, freedom from division, hate, and the forces trying to keep us apart.

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