Creality, a Global 3D Printer Manufacturer, Printed Medical Supplies for Hospitals Amid Supply Chain Challenge During COVID-19

Creality, a Global 3D Printer Manufacturer, Printed Medical Supplies for Hospitals Amid Supply Chain Challenge During COVID-19

SHENZHEN, China, May 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Creality, a global 3D printer manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China, was providing 3D printed medical supplies for hospitals. According to Jack Chen, the CEO and co-founder of the company, Creality was utilizing 100 3D printers and TPU filaments to produce 3D printed face mask buckles, achieving a daily output of 1600 pieces. By March, the company donated 43,000 pieces of buckles to hospitals.

"The COVID-19 has taught us a lesson that 3D printing is so helpful to strategically address manufacturing risk by optimizing the agility of the supply chain. It carries out production at a lower economic scale and any point of need. We are glad that 3D printing is unleashing great potential during this crisis, and Creality is taking the lead to contribute more," said Jack Chen. Creality has achieved a monthly shipment of over 50,000 pieces in March, which means that more makers are getting involved in making PPE on 3D printers.

The COVID-19 is becoming such a challenge for countries across the world as the situation is getting more severe. During the time, 3D printing has played an important role in mitigating personal protective equipment (PPE) shortage. Enterprises and civil communities are united to make 3D printed medical supplies for hospitals and clinics.

The Supply Chain Challenge During COVID-19

The rapid development of globalization enables developed countries to relocate production into other countries with lower labor costs or sufficient raw materials, which is so-called offshore manufacturing. However, the present global crisis is exposing the vulnerabilities concerning this-type supply chain. The lockdowns have multiplied the problems of the slowdown in production and suspensions in transportation. Therefore, countries that highly rely on offshore manufacturing are facing problems of improper resource allocation and incomplete manufacturing chain, and countries in less developed areas such as Africa are encountering plight of insufficient production capacity and technology limit.

Many manufacturers are finding temporary alternative solutions to ride out this worldwide challenge. Thanks to the advanced technologies such as IoT, AI, robotics, and Additive manufacturing, enterprises can effectively avoid negative effects caused by "black swan" events like COVID-19.

3D Printing is Making a Difference

Recently, positive reports about 3D printed PPE to help combat COVID-19 have unveiled great advantages of 3D printing.

During the pandemic, researchers made 3D printed COVID-19 infected lung model to perform studies, enterprises made 3D printed isolation wards to accommodate patients, and civil communities made 3D printed face shields to mitigate the PPE shortage.

David Sims, the BBC news reported 3D printing enthusiast in Wales, UK, worked on making 3D printed face shields on Creality Ender-3 together with local volunteers to protect local NHS doctors fighting at the epidemic frontline. The team has donated thousand pieces of face shields to the local NHS.

It is proven that 3D printing is an extremely helpful stopgap in rapid design and manufacturing tools for both organizations and individuals, making it possible to produce large batches of equipment in a short period. During the COVID-19, 3D printing has unleashed great power in providing self-made daily supplies such as door handles, toys, or gifts.

Long-run Benefits of 3D Printing

Expect for the known-to-all advantages like cost-saving, time-saving, rapid-prototyping, 3D printing also accelerates digitalizing the traditional mass manufacturing and infrastructure construction. 3D printing breaks the limits of time and space to improve production capacity and reduce risks to fluctuations in demand. With the advantages of distributive manufacturing, 3D printing can realize customizable production and ensure production safety at the same time. As an additive in mass manufacturing, it will greatly improve business flexibility, allowing manufacturers to increase their ability to quickly respond to the possible crises. 

In April, Creality announced to make a big investment to Wuhan to build the world's largest 3D printer production facility in recent years, aiming to achieve a total output of 2 million pieces of 3D printers within the next three years. Now the company is holding a Kickstarter campaign for its latest product CR-6 SE featuring an innovative leveling-free tech, which will be priced lower than 300$ at its super early bird price. Bearing the spirit of 3D printing industry evangelist, Creality has always devoted to spreading the convenience of 3D printing technology with the most affordable and accessible 3D printing solutions.

About Creality

Creality has accumulated more than 5 years of experience in 3D printing industry since its establishment in 2014. The company dedicates to providing customers the most affordable 3D printing solutions in high quality. Creality achieves an annual shipment of 800,000 units, and exports the products to over 100 countries.

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