CREALOGIX integrates cryptocurrencies into its Digital Banking Hub

Invest Crypto offers a consolidated view of cryptocurrency assets and conventional investment products in a central dashboard – and it's available with voice control for Alexa

HONG KONG, June 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

The digital banking software provider CREALOGIX now integrates cryptocurrencies with existing investment products in its open banking architecture, the CREALOGIX Digital Banking Hub. The CREALOGIX product Invest Crypto allows bank customers to see and manage cryptocurrency assets and conventional types of investments via a central platform. Bank customers can also use devices compatible with Amazon Alexa to easily control Invest Crypto via voice control.

CREALOGIX's open banking approach aims to give bank customers an all-round view of their assets – regardless of where they are or what types of investments they have in their portfolio. Thanks to the new product Invest Crypto, this all-round view now also displays investments in cryptocurrencies. For the first time, CREALOGIX Invest Crypto now allows financial institutes to integrate cryptocurrency assets and blockchain data into their digital banking infrastructure. End users also have the ability to use basic trading functions in the event that the cryptocurrency in question is traded on an exchange.

Crypto assets and conventional types of investment are merged into a central platform

"Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are becoming more and more popular, but up until now banks have had big problems accessing the relevant data and allowing their customers to see different crypto assets on a single platform", explains Maryam Danesh-Kajouri, Global Head of Product Marketing at CREALOGIX. "CREALOGIX Invest Crypto now allows bank customers to easily integrate cryptocurrencies and blockchain data into their existing platform infrastructure, more effectively meeting their customers' needs."

Creating added value by integrating innovative third-party solutions

The approach of integrating cryptocurrencies and blockchain data into the digital banking infrastructure follows CREALOGIX's open banking philosophy of creating added value for banks and financial service providers by integrating innovative third-party solutions. "The main idea of open banking is to make holistic management of personal finances easier for the users", says Maryam Danesh-Kajouri. "It's time this approach also covered cryptocurrencies and token assets."

Alexa is also available for Invest Crypto. In future, users with devices compatible with Amazon Alexa will be able to use voice control to find out price information or credit levels, and perform basic trading functions for their crypto assets.

Usable as an integrated module or standalone solution

If a bank already uses CREALOGIX software, CREALOGIX Invest Crypto will seamlessly integrate an interface into the existing CREALOGIX digital banking infrastructure. Banks and financial service providers who still don't use CREALOGIX banking software can use CREALOGIX Invest Crypto as a standalone product, thereby profiting from significant time and cost savings compared to developing an in-house solution.


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