Creative Chinese food ignited the taste buds of the world

SHENYANG, China, Nov. 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- From November 21st to 24th, 2018 "LuHua Cup" Chinese Cooking World Championships (top), including 240 competition events, was held in Shenyang, Liaoning province. According to China Cuisine Association, more than 200 Chinese culinary elites from all over the world produced over 2,000 creative Chinese food works of hot dishes, cold dishes, pastries and food carving in these days.

The scene of 2018 "LuHua Cup" Chinese Cooking World Championships (top)
The scene of 2018 "LuHua Cup" Chinese Cooking World Championships (top)

In the exhibition area, various creative Chinese food were made. In the food carving area, a phoenix carved with vegetables in different colors appeared to be quivering with multicolored feathers and soaring above the peonies carved with white turnips.In the hot food area, most dishes were paired with meat and vegetarian materials, the rich meat and fresh vegetarian dishes alternately stimulated the taste buds.

The chief executive of LuHua Group, Xin Xufeng, said that flavor trumps everything else in the law of eating. "Color, aroma and taste" is not only the eternal pursuit of Chinese cuisine, but also the people's pursuit of a better life.

Chinese food has a profound cultural connotation with a history of thousands of years. Chinese food has a variety of cuisines, and each dish has its own characteristic. In different regions, there are thousands of dishes corresponding to various cooking skills and their own styles. People's fond of Chinese food is soaring in these days. "With the development of globalization, Chinese food consumers have already been all over the world. To make Chinese cuisine with international taste, we pay more attention to meat and vegetable collocation and plastic arts while retaining its traditional flavor," said by Bian Jiang, Vice President of the China Cuisine Association.

In 2017, China's catering industry achieved operating income of nearly 4 trillion yuan, accounting for more than 5% of China's GDP growth. Meanwhile, planting industry, food industry and related industries are also growing fast. As the official strategic partner of this competition, Shandong LuHua Group provided contestants with cooking oil and a range of high-end spices. It took 35 years for LuHua Group to become China's top brand of cooking oil, lifting a large number of peanut farmers out of poverty.

On the opening ceremony of 2018 "LuHua Cup" Chinese Cooking World Championships (top), Jiang Junxian, the honorary director of the organizing committee and President of the Chinese Cuisine Association, said that this competition is not only the top competitive communication of Chinese cooking skills, but also the feast of Chinese cultural food. He believed that the exchange of Chinese cuisine skills worldwide must be  promoted through continuing to hold similar competitions, and it will realize the global sharing of profound Chinese catering culture and delicious Chinese cuisine.

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