Creator Subscription & Audience Engagement Platform: Monetization Tool Launched

BrandArmy has launched their creator-forward monetization and audience management platform.

This new platform, which includes a diverse range of monetization features, is especially suitable for creators with a big following. In addition to free and paid subscriptions, creators can also monetize their content through live streaming, premium services like live chatting, and more.

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Creators who have a pre-existing following but who have been unable to make the most of the monetization features offered by other platforms can easily migrate to BrandArmy. In doing so, they will gain access to a toolkit that seeks to combine the best monetization options from live streaming and subscription-based engagement models into a single digital hub.

Even as content creation has rapidly grown into a fully-fledged industry in the past few years, many creators have found themselves dissatisfied with the tools at their disposal. The primary complaints center around excessive platform fees and the fact that in order to gain popularity, one must constantly cater to the whims of an often fickle and unpredictable algorithmic system.

To address these concerns, BrandArmy has built a platform that puts creators first, where users own their first-party data and have full control over their pricing structures. The platform also does not use an algorithmic system to drive engagement, instead allowing creators to migrate their devoted fans to BrandArmy from other platforms.

Additionally, creators who use the platform can grow their personal brands using the many analytics available through the system. For instance, ahead of a major product or merchandise launch, creators can access a list of pre-qualified leads and build a mailing list made up only of paid subscribers.

In the words of a company spokesperson, “On social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat, the advertiser is the boss while the creator is just a cog and where the creators' metrics are collected only for the benefit of advertisers. On BrandArmy, the creator is the boss.”

BrandArmy is a family-safe platform, where every creator and their pre-existing content is vetted through an application process prior to admittance. This process is intended to improve the experience for the end user and eliminate scams, while also building a reputation of trustworthiness that content creators can lean on to draw in their audience.

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