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From Crisis To Credit Mogul: Millennial Ariyan Miller Uses Life Lessons To Help Others

Ariyan Miller experienced identity theft, which racked up tens of thousands of dollars of debt, and completely turned her life around. Now, she's helping other achieve financial freedom.

If someone were to experience identity theft that prevents them from buying real estate, unfairly racks up tens of thousands of dollars of debt as a result, and then turns their life around to earn a six-figure income, that might be enough for one lifetime.

The ever-positive millennial Ariyan Miller has gone through every step of that journey, and she's just getting started. Through Legacy2Life, she takes the lessons learned from all the ups and downs of her relatively short life. She uses them to give her clients first-class advice with a highly personal touch on credit, real estate and loans, life insurance, and several other services designed to secure their future finances.

Just over two years ago, California-based Miller was living in low-income housing and grappling with how to pay off more than $30,000 in debt tied to identity theft which negatively impacted her credit score. After being told her score was so low, she wouldn't be able to buy a house, she threw herself into the world of finance and vowed to learn every possible aspect of credit, real estate investments, loans, and more so she could help fix other peoples' finances and rescue them from similar struggles.

"I learned how to fix my finances and my credit," she says, "But more importantly, I discovered that I wanted to help other people to have the same lifeline. I want to give people who want better credit the hope that improving their score is possible."

When Miller first started selling life insurance, she was alarmed when visiting several people in their 60s through 80s who had minimal funds and no solid plan to survive financially. Miller says she was distraught at what she witnessed and quickly became determined to prevent a similar outcome for people in her generation.

"I made the conscious decision that I would do whatever it takes to educate and empower millennials to make, manage and maximize their money," she adds.

Drawing on personal experiences to help empower other people
Miller says her approach to financial advice stands out because of her lived experience. She had to navigate the complications of a limited budget combined with poor credit and all of the arbitrary hurdles that can create. "I always tell my clients I'll go hard for them because I can relate to them."

Within five years, Legacy2Life has developed a client list that includes hundreds of people who have benefited from Miller's careful advice on life insurance and thousands of others that saw their previously low credit scores soar following her knowledgeable guidance. "What identifies you in the eyes of financial institutions these days is your credit score," she says. "A Social Security Number used to be the main way to identify someone, but now your credit score is your new social, it can define your life."

When someone has bad credit, there are negative impacts -- missed employment opportunities, inability to buy a car, paying significantly higher interest rates for the credit cards and other loans that they can obtain, a lack of trust from big banks, calls from debt collectors, and more.

Helping aspiring homeowners regardless of their credit score
The same logic applies to homeowners, as many who have credit scores below the national average can struggle to obtain mortgages, leaving the dream of owning property out of reach. Again, Miller draws on her own life story to identify and overcome many of the financial barriers that people in this situation are facing. She's helped aspiring homeowners to achieve their dreams in ever-growing numbers.

"Having good credit is mandatory for anyone who wants to build generational wealth, and that includes investing in a property. Credit is leverage to grow that wealth," she says. "But it's challenging for people with bad credit to excel like that."

Just because it might be challenging is no reason for Miller not to want to identify ways to help clients in this position from succeeding in becoming homeowners. And there's a sense of urgency, she says, because currently, it's a property seller's market with record-low interest rates, making it the ideal time to buy a home.

"Unless you live for free, no matter where you are, whether you're in low-income housing like I was or paying expensive rent, it doesn't make sense that you should keep giving that money away each month instead of using it for a mortgage," she says.

When starting in the financial sector, Miller initially didn't have any interest in dealing with real estate because her mother had been a real estate agent for more than a decade. But one day, her mother bought her daughter a class in selling properties, and Miller was immediately hooked -- and still is because of the pleasure it brings.

"My favorite part is being able to help people make their American dream of owning a home for the first time come true. It's a truly amazing feeling when you hand someone their keys, it's almost indescribable, but it's so rewarding," she says.

An ever-expanding client base with a solid financial future
Legacy2Life's client base includes young people, professionals, men, women, parents, people without children, those struggling with their finances, high-income earners, individuals interested in maximizing their financial growth, and more.

Miller still partners with life insurance providers because she still recalls her early days of selling it and seeing the difficulties that people face later in life when they haven't started planning their finances at an early age. Her goal is to ensure that every one of her clients receives all the tips and tools they need for a wealthy future.

She's a millennial helping millennials, with the life story to prove it.

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