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Critter Stop: Leading Entomologist Jonathan Ferreira Joins Pest Control Company as President

Critter Stop, a home services company focused on providing pest control, wildlife removal, and energy efficiency services to residential and commercial customers in the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex and surrounding areas, is excited to announce that Associate Certified Entomologist Jonathan Ferreira will join the company as president.

Ferreira, who is an Associate Certified Entomologist, is taking on the position of President at Critter Stop after having worked in pest control for over a decade and valuing the Dallas-Fort Worth Pest Control company’s culture, the professional and personal development of technicians, and the unwavering commitment to excellence. He is excited to bring his leadership and expertise to the launching of pest control services at Critter Stop, which has historically focused exclusively on wildlife removal and insulation services. Ferreira aims to encourage career and personal growth among Critter Stop employees while offering customers unmatched quality and value in meeting their pest, wildlife, and insulation needs.

Ferreira began his work with pest control at a small company in California, where he worked for a year and a half. After this stint, he found a new home in Texas and joined another pest control company. This was a small company when Ferreira joined, but it grew substantially throughout his eight-year employment, and despite enjoying his work there, there were certain things that Ferreira valued that he wasn’t finding anymore: “I missed being a part of a smaller company wanting to grow. At this larger company, I’d already hit my peak and didn’t see myself moving up,” Ferreira said.

During this time of reconsideration, Ferreira discovered an opportunity to join the Dallas-Fort Worth Pest Control company and contribute his pest control expertise to the expansion of the wildlife removal company’s services. “I liked the company’s integrity; they were honest, they weren’t trying to impose their services on anyone, and the company culture was the right fit for what I wanted in the pest control and wildlife control industry,” Ferreira explained.

At Critter Stop, Ferreira, who is licensed in three different states for pest control and pest, termite, and lawn weed prevention, is helping expand the services that the company offers by utilizing his extensive expertise in the pest control industry as Associate Certified Entomologist and experience with the National Wildlife Control Operators’ Association. “We were strictly a Dallas-Fort Worth Wildlife Removal control company, and I’ve brought my pest control knowledge into the company, so we’re already expanding into that field.” He is also excited to contribute to the company culture that first drew him in and to help Critter Stop employees achieve personal and career growth: “I like seeing people grow within companies. So, for example, a technician moving up the ladder, or someone on the administrative or marketing side of things performing well and moving up the ladder. If I can help the company grow, then that means that my goal of everyone else growing with me is also going to be met.”

With experience servicing thousands of customers across North Texas, Critter Stop is excited about the new launch of its pest control services and encourages individuals searching for effective and long-lasting Wildlife Control & Pest Control or insulation needs, to contact the company at (214) 234-2616 or where they can also schedule a free inspection.

About Critter Stop

Established in 2018, Critter Stop is a locally owned and operated family business that is committed to offering a responsive, high-touch customer service and providing customers across North Texas with permanent solutions to a wide variety of common insects, such as cockroaches, ants, wasps, and wildlife, including mice and rats, as well as the humane removal of squirrels, raccoons and opossums with additional physical fortification of entry points around a building and energy efficient attic insulation services that caters to all insulation brands and types.

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About the company: At Critter Stop, we are a humane animal removal company operating in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. We have a 4-step process that ensures the removal of wildlife from your property. We also offer a lifetime guarantee that gives you the reassurance that if a critter gets back into your home, we will come back out and do a removal free of charge to you.

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