Cross-Licensing Agreement is Signed Between NetEase Cloud Music and AliMusic

Songs of Girls' Generation Launched by SM Entertainment on NetEase Cloud Music Went Viral

HANGZHOU, China, March 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently, NetEase Cloud Music and AliMusic, as two major music-streaming platforms, announced that they have jointly entered into a cross-licensing agreement with respect to music copyrights. As a result, these two Chinese music-streaming giants have further improved their structure for music copyrights, which in return allows users to gain access to more songs from both music platforms. With effect from March 6, the works of the Korea-based SM Entertainment are available on NetEase Cloud Music, including songs by Girls' Generation, EXO, H.O.T, SHINee, TVXQ, Super Junior, BoA, and other artists.

As for cooperation, NetEase Cloud Music will sublicense premier music copyrights owned by EE-Media, Avex, Forward Music, HIM International Music Inc., and others to AliMusic, while AliMusic will reciprocally sublicense premier music copyrights owned by Rock Records Co., Ltd, SM Entertainment, BMG, and others to NetEase Cloud Music. In addition, both parties expressed their intention of further cooperation and interaction in the future so that their users will continue to enjoy increasingly improved premier services.

NetEase Cloud Music, who successively entered into cross-licensing agreements with TME and AliMusic within a month, was officially launched in April 2013, with its custom recommendations and social networking through music enabling users to discover and share music products. Over the last four years, NetEase Cloud Music has manifested its growth that greatly outperforms its industrial rivals, with a current user base exceeding 400 million. It is the most reputed music-streaming platform in China.

According to the "2017 China Mobile Internet Report" released by QuestMobile, a statistics research authority, NetEase Cloud Music registers the highest 30-day retention rate in terms of active users in the industry in China. Meanwhile, NetEase Cloud Music takes the crown of the Top 10 Apps used by mobile internet users in Chinese first-tier and second-tier cities, proving that its popularity is widely accepted by users.

NetEase Cloud Music has a huge Korean fan base. Previously, 550,000 copies of the original soundtrack (OST) for the Korean drama Strong Girl Bong-Soon were sold. Following the launch of the songs by SM Entertainment on NetEase Cloud Music on March 6, all the works became a hit among fans. In particular, "Lion Heart" by Girls' Generation currently registers more than 5,000 comments from users.