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Crowning Singapore’s Top Makeup Artist(s) at Marina Bay Sands

Crowning Singapore’s Top Makeup Artist(s) at Marina Bay Sands

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 7 May 2018 - 26 finalists from both Professional and Amateur categories competed last night for the title of Singapore's TOP Makeup Artist 2018, an event jointly organised by LUSH the Magazine and the Makeup Artist Association of Singapore. The closing finale was held at the Begonia Ballroom in Marina Bay Sands on 5 May 2018, Saturday, with some 200 guests.

From left: Farz Yahkup, Preet Sandhu, Anna Marie Salovino, Anna Paramita, Rusmiyati Binti

Anna Marie Salovino emerged as the top winner for the Professional Makeup category (16 finalists), while Ana Paramita clinched gold for the Amateur Makeup category (10 finalists). Other makeup artist contestants also stood a chance to win in other sub-categories such as "Most Resourceful", "Most Receptive", "Most Speedy", "Most Friendly", and "Most Bold".

The top winner for each category went home with a grand prize worth SGD$5,000. Second and third placements for each category also received prizes worth SGD$3,000 and SGD$2,000 respectively.

"I had a vision for elevating makeup artists... I saw that many of them were underpaid and overworked, and I wanted to celebrate them and their remarkable talent for making one look and feel good," Minakshi Singh Sengar, Marketing Director of LUSH the Magazine, said during the opening of the gala dinner.

Singapore's TOP Makeup Artist 2018 is the first and largest makeup event in Singapore. The month-long competition, which started on 1 March 2018, saw a total of 176 enthusiastic participants register and come together 'brush to brush' for an online audition. By mid April 2018, 26 finalists were selected to proceed to the prejudging round and eventually to the concluding Grand Finale.

Apart from the four judges who journeyed with the makeup artists throughout the competition month, the guests also participated in the voting during the finale dinner to crown the six most liked models in the event. The makeup artist contestants regaled guests with makeup-creations done on models, who showcased outfits by partnering fashion brands such as The Fashion Silk, Nasya Collyer, Oxhide, Nang Fah collection, Evanna Fashion House, E-Planet, Aadya's boutique, Alangkaar Bridal Studio and more. Each model wore a number badge to indicate the artist who created the makeup look and style. At the end of the gala dinner, the Singapore's TOP Makeup Artist 2018 winners were announced following the conclusion of the dinner.

Other special performances during the night also included an opening pole dancing performance by Brass Barre, an intermissionary "rock and soul" performance by Leandra Lane, as well as original songs by Sine, a Singaporean band.


Professional Category (16 Finalists)

Amateur Category (10 Finalists)


Anna Marie Salovino

Anna Paramita


Preet Sandhu

Farz Yahkup


Elfa Ynacis

Rusmiyati Binti

Most Friendly

Marilyn Gonzalez

Vijeta Bhatia

Most Bold

Stephy Ng

Myra Kapoor

Most Resourceful

Hunny Ali

Vandana Arora

Most Receptive

Esha Arjun

Parul Sharma

Most Speedy

Rashidah Marican

Zahara Begum Mohd Ali

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