CRRC and the University of Queensland Establish CRRC Merit Scholarship to Support Students of Faculty of Engineering

BEIJING, Nov. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- CRRC Group Co., Ltd. ("CRRC") and the University of Queensland (UQ) has announced the establishment of the CRRC Merit Scholarship, with the goal to support more youth talents contributing to the development of the industry in Australia. The Scholarship, with the funds from CRRC, will honor and grant financial assistance to the high-achieving undergraduate students from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Queensland.

At the virtual signing ceremony held on November 17, Professor Vicki Chen, Executive Dean, Faculty of Engineering, Architecture & Information Technology of UQ, and Gao Kang, Director, Corporate Culture Department of CRRC, inked the agreement of the CRRC Merit Scholarship. The establishment of the scholarship program also marks another milestone in the long-standing partnership between CRRC and UQ, which has seen the two parties devoting joint efforts and resources to help the individuals, organizations and communities in need over the past few years.

Through the scholarship program, CRRC aims to encourage more young students to get into the rail industry and nurture the next generation of aspiring engineers by becoming a reliable partner of the faculty. Furthermore, CRRC will build upon its years of partnership with the University to enhance the experience and teaching of Faculty of Engineering students by hosting academic seminars that connect students to industry experts as well as providing online open courses and priority internship and job opportunities for students at UQ.

"The CRRC Merit Scholarship will provide students with the opportunity to excel in their studies as they near the end of their respective courses and move towards a successful career. UQ, in partnership with CRRC, hopes to assist students throughout their studies to develop a greater understanding of the pathways available – including the diverse range of careers in the rail industry. We look forward to the CRRC Merit scholarship commencing in 2022 and receiving some bright and enthusiastic students. We also look forward to a long and successful partnership with CRRC," said Professor Vicki Chen.

"In Australia, CRRC has been encouraging young students to pay attention to the industrial development in Australia. Building upon that effort, we joined hands with the Faculty of Engineering of UQ to establish the CRRC Merit Scholarship this year. We believe this scholarship program is another starting point from which CRRC continues strengthening win-win cooperation with the University of Queensland to bring mutual benefits. We also hope the CRRC Merit Scholarship Program will open up a window for us to expand our partnership and set up a new benchmark for business-university collaborations," said Gao Kang.

CRRC has been serving the Australian railway industry for more than two decades. Along its on-going journey to help Australia build fast, safe and efficient rail systems across the country, CRRC established a partnership with the University of Queensland, the company's first university partner in Australia, as part of its effort to bring together industry practitioners, researchers and scholars to create synergy in research and education to further strengthen the country's railway infrastructure.