Cryptocurrency TMTG for gold transaction in a spot market to be listed in Hong Kong Exchange market IDCM on Aug 1st

SEOUL, South Korea, July 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Cryptocurrency TMTG developing company Digital Gold Exchange(DGE, CEO: Captain. Kwag) said cryptocurrency TMTG to trade gold will be listed in Hong Kong Exchange market IDCM on Aug. 1st.

Exchange Listing Schedule for TMTG / DGE
Exchange Listing Schedule for TMTG / DGE

Hong Kong-based DGE is the company to prepare for Digital Gold Exchange services that interlock TMTG to global markets.

Under the slogans of "a place to trade real and virtual vales" and "provision of gold transaction standard", in addition to gold exchange, DGE plans to extend its business area focusing on convenient services such as mobile gift certificates.

Digital Gold Exchange uses TMTG as a tool for internal transactions based on a ETH platform developed for the exchange of digital gold and real gold as well as decentralized exchange.

People can buy/exchange 'MDG' or digital gold with TMTG in the Digital Gold Exchange platform that DGE is developing and trade MDG exceeding 10g in weight to real gold bar.

Also, they can get real gold in gold branches of Korea Gold Exchange Co., Ltd in Korea for their convenience. DGE will expand its business field to global markets through business partnerships with international gold exchanges.

The company also said the cooperation enables it to ensure liquidity and payment services among different digital exchange tools by making one-network of compatible digital payments.

TMTG will be listed in IDCM on Aug. 1st and available to other crypto currency exchanges.

DGE CEO Captain. Kwag said, "The listing will be the first step of TMTG and a meaningful moment to link our vision to the world. TMTG is technological value to make small changes in our daily life." He added, "As former developer, I look forward to seeing what kind of future lies for us."

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