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Curtain Fell on the WWSE 2022 in Beijing, Bringing Refreshing Changes to the Ice and Snow Industry in the "Post-Winter Olympics Era"

Curtain Fell on the WWSE 2022 in Beijing, Bringing Refreshing Changes to the Ice and Snow Industry in the "Post-Winter Olympics Era"

BEIJING, Sept. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- On September 5th, the World Winter Sports (Beijing) Expo 2022 (hereinafter referred to as the "WWSE"), co-hosted by Asia Digital Group, was concluded in Shougang Park, Beijing. Since its inception in 2016, it has been held annually and backed by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the Association of International Olympic Winter Sports Federations (AIOWF), the Beijing Organizing Committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (BOCOG), the Chinese Olympic Committee and the All-China Sports Federation.

As a legacy of the Olympic Winter Games, the WWSE 2022 has continued the theme of "The Power of Ice & Snow". Aiming to realize the connection with international winter sports resources to stimulate the development of China's ice and snow industry, it has integrated exhibitions, forums, industry docking and supporting activities in a comprehensive manner to build a bridge connecting more ice and snow enterprises with the world at large.

Secretary of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee Cai Qi made an inspection tour of the exhibition hall of the WWSE on September 1st, the very opening day of the expo. Li Yingchuan, deputy head of the General Administration of Sport of China (GASC), Zhang Jiandong, vice mayor of Beijing and executive vice president of the BOCOG, Liu Jingmin, executive vice president of the Beijing Olympic City Development Association (BODA) and Fu Xiaohui, secretary-general of the BODA and member of the Executive Committee at the World Union of Olympic Cities visited the booths of Austria, Liaoning Province, Yulin City, Yanqing District, Capital University of Physical Education and Sports, Japan National Tourism Organization, Poma, TechnoAlpin Group, ilodo, Joy Billiards, Orient Fitness & Health, Swix, Enlio and good family, accompanied by Founding Chairman of IDG capital Hugo Shong, President of Asia Digital Group Zhu Dongfang, and Executive Vice President of Asia Digital Group Zhang Li.

As the most influential expo in the global ice and snow industry, this WWSE has further strengthened the integration of global ice and snow resources, with an internationalization rate of nearly 68%. It has attracted more than 20 ice and snow countries including Austria, Italy, Japan, Canada, France, the Netherlands, Finland, the United Kingdom and Slovenia to participate online or offline and involved over 600 brands as exhibitors and 200,000 some winter sports enthusiasts as visitors during the five-day ice and snow feast. A number of government officials in and out of China, officials from the IOC and other international sports organizations, executives of ice and snow companies, experts from the ice and snow industry, and elites in related industries attended the forum, effectively promoting the connection, exchange and integration of resources in international sports industry.

The international influence of the WWSE and participation of visitors have been further upgraded, arousing enthusiastic responses from all walks of life. More than 600 authoritative media from all over the world, including People's Daily, Xinhua News Agency, and China Media Group covered the event in an all-round way, and published over 2,000 reports, which has promoted the popularization of ice and snow sports and opened up new prospects for the development of the ice and snow industry.

Taking Advantage of the Olympic Winter Games to Build an Exchange Platform for Global Ice and Snow Industry

Following the successful holding of the Beijing 2022, the ice and snow industry has ushered in huge market with growing opportunities. Guests from different circles conducted in-depth discussions and exchanged ideas on hot topics such as the development and integration of the global sports industry, the sustainable development of the ice and snow industry in the post-Winter Olympics era, and smart sports.

The Beijing Olympic Winter Games and the ice and snow industry were followed with interest as before in the Main Forum of the International Sports Services Trade Conference & the World Winter Sports (Beijing) Expo.

Li Yingchuan proposed that, relying on China's super-large market, the potential of sports services trade is huge in the long run. In particular, the "cold resources" of the ice and snow industry are being transformed into "hot economy", benefiting from the successful holding of the Beijing 2022 and the realization of the goal of "engaging 300 million people in winter sports", which will foster new drivers of growth for sports services trade.

Zhang Jiandong pointed out that under the leadership of the Chinese government, this year has witnessed every effort made by us to overcome difficulties and challenges such as the COVID-19, and the presentation of a streamlined, safe and splendid Olympic Games to the world. The successful hosting of the Beijing 2022 has further stimulated the sports enthusiasm of hundreds of millions of Chinese people. He stressed that it is imperative to give full play to the advantages of the dual-Olympic city, and promote the development of mass sports, competitive sports, and the sports industry in an all-round way, so as to make citizens' lives more colorful and the city full of vitality.

Executive Director of the Olympic Games at the IOC Christophe Dubi stated in his video speech that how proud we are that the games that were just delivered were outstanding. And we always knew about the formidable willingness and capabilities and commitment that we were facing with the organizers in China and Beijing. Furthermore, President of the International Biathlon Union Olle Dahlin put forward that this year's WWSE is particularly important as it's the first edition to take place after the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games. Previously, this Expo was used to support with the preparation for the games. It was an opportunity for the Chinese and international sports community to connect, share best practice and plan for how to maximize the Beijing 2022. Now we are in a post-Olympic era. It's more important than ever that legacy is not forgotten. Key to this will rightly be continuing to invest in winter sport.

In addition, guests who got involved in the main forum offline or via video to offer suggestions on promoting the development of the ice and snow industry as well as the high-quality integration of ice and snow with sports include Deputy Director of the Sports Economy Department at the GASC Peng Weiyong, Director of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports Zhao Wen, British Trade Commissioner for China John Edwards, Minister Counsellor of the Department for International Trade at the British Embassy Beijing Sohail Shaikh, President of the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association Jason Ferguson, President of the International Sports Press Association Gianni Merlo, Chairman of the China Sled Association and Deputy Director of the Sustainable Development Committee at the BOCOG Zhao Yinggang, Michael Berger, counsellor of the Commercial Office at the Austrian Embassy in China, Counsellor for Health, Welfare and Sports at the Embassy of Kingdom of the Netherlands in Beijing Nico H. Schiettekatte, Chairman of the Yulin City Committee of the CPPCC of Shaanxi Province Zeng Dechao, General Manager of Doppelmayr China Li Yanqiu, Director of the Engo Division at TechnoAlpin Group Shen Yumei and Executive Vice President of Asia Digital Group Zhang Li.

Peng Weiyong released and interpreted the Report on China's Sports Services Trade (2021), which clarifies the status quo of China's sports services trade industry supported by data and points the way forward. Besides, the Research Report on China's Winter Sports Industry Development (2022) was released by Zhang Li for the reference of the ice and snow industry.

In addition to the Main Forum, the WWSE 2022 organized a dozen of parallel forums and supporting activities such as the Olympic City Development Forum, the Outdoor Living Forum and the Sports Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Competition to gather global wisdom, seek solutions for all parties in the ice and snow industry, and further deepen the exchange and cooperation of international resources.

Connecting Chinese and Overseas Markets to Provide a Top Arena for Ice and Snow Exhibitors

The WWSE 2022 has been the first major ice and snow industry event held online and offline in China since the Beijing Olympic Winter Games. The games have ignited the enthusiasm of all Chinese people for ice and snow. The WWSE has once again spurred on the development of ice and snow industry with greater confidence, although the development of China's sports industry and ice and snow sports encountered certain challenges from factors such as the COVID-19 epidemic. The exhibition area was full of visitors, from nonagenarians to babbling children, all immersed in the atmosphere of ice and snow. The successful convening of this international event has enabled the mass to release their long-held enthusiasm for ice and snow.

As one of the hosts of the expo, Asia Digital Group has been deeply involved in the preparation of the WWSE in the last few years. According to its Executive Vice President Zhang Li, this great event has not only attracted giants from the international ice and snow industry to join us, but what is more gratifying is that with the development of China's ice and snow industry in recent years, more and more ice and snow enterprises in China have steeled themselves, gradually developed and shined on the stage of the WWSE.

Many well-known Chinese and overseas enterprises have conducted docking and exchanges through this international platform. TechnoAlpin Group from Italy, responsible for ice and snow making in the Beijing Olympic Winter Games, showcased its cutting-edge ice and snow black technologies such as the TR10 automatic gun-type snowmaker and the Engo IceWolf Classic ice resurfacer. TechnoAlpin, as a leading company in the global snowmaking industry, has a market share of over 60%. Exhibitors and visitors can have a better understanding of the snowmaking technology of the world's top ski resorts here.

Austria, together with Doppelmayr and other famous Austrian ice and snow brands, presented the high-quality "Made in Austria" products and services to the public in a national pavilion. Among them, the indoor ski simulator in front of the booth of Doppelmayr attracted many visitors to "unlock" their first skiing experience. The full service process of skiing was displayed on site with two cableways placed in the center of the venue and an access control system installed at the entrance. Visitors could experience the charm of alpine skiing, ski jumping and other events of the Olympic Winter Games with the help of VR and AR equipment.

As one of the three major competition zones of this Olympic Winter Games, Yanqing built the Eye of Haituo with LED screens in the center of the exhibition hall, based on Xiaohaituo Mountain, where the core area of the competition zone is located. What's more, various Olympic Winter Games and ice and snow related exhibits scattered on the hexagonal prism of snowflakes attracted a large number of exhibitors to take pictures to share them on social media or for memory. The booth of Yanqing has enhanced the interaction and conveyed the enthusiasm of the Olympic Winter Games more closely to visitors, showing the unique charm of ice and snow sports to the world.

Exhibitors from overseas noted ice and snow companies and institutions, such as POMA in France, Swix in Norway, and the Japan National Tourism Organization, appeared at this WWSE with up-to-date products and tourism projects, displaying products as well as communicating with and learning from peers with top level in the world.

Shijingshan District showed the achievements of this "dual-Olympic district" from multiple perspectives by integrating elements of the ice and snow industry. The International Ski Federation (FIS) Beijing Liaison Office debuted the Dynamic Friction S-LAB, and China's first comprehensive sports center built by Tus-Ice & Snow Group with the theme of ice sports was unveiled at the expo, so that visitors can feel the charm of ice and snow brought by technology up close.

Secretary of the CPC Shijingshan District Committee of Beijing Municipality Chang Wei said that Shijingshan District is faced with the opportunity of strategic importance to be integrated into the new development pattern of Beijing, capital of China and it's in a crucial period of transformation and urban revitalization. The district will seize the precious opportunity brought about by the post-Winter Olympics era and the driving force from the revitalization of Shougang, deeply implement the development strategy of urban renewal and industrial transformation and make every effort to build the new landmark of urban revitalization of "Embracing a Better Future" to push the west gate of the capital to a higher level. Zhang Li, dean of the School of architecture at Tsinghua University, pointed out that the new connection of sports, architecture and urban renewal once made the Big Air Shougang one of the hot topics on Chinese and overseas social media. It is expected that more new technologies can be integrated into Shijingshan as well as the design of high-quality urban renewal projects in Beijing.

Meanwhile, Liaoning Province, Yulin City from Shaanxi Province and other ice and snow powers in China showed their rich resources in ice and snow industry. Among them, Yulin City displayed wool and cashmere clothing with local characteristics, and the cross-border combination of fashion and ice and snow sports like this attracted many visitors to stop and appreciate. In addition, China's well-known sports enterprises, such as Jam Session Sports, SNOWELAN, Orient Fitness & Health, good family and ilodo, paraded their most advanced equipment and facilities.

The Outdoor Sports Exhibition Area Has Fully Generated the Public's Passion for Sports

Varied supporting activities at each WWSE have reached winter sports enthusiasts and people engaged in the industry to a large extent. A series of supporting activities showing the highlights of the ice and snow industry include the Sports Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Competition and the Industry TOP Awards for enterprises and institutions, and the Sports Equipment Fashion Show, the Experience for Camp Life, and mass sports for the general public, which have been widely acclaimed and welcomed.

Scientific and technological innovation has played a vital role in the development of ice and snow power. As a highlight of this WWSE, the Sports Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Competition gathered eight entrepreneurial teams from China in sports science and technology, sports culture, sports tourism and other related fields. The competition under smooth operation has acted as a superior exchange and cooperation platform for those engaged in the industry, and has helped the Chinese sports industry to embrace free development of all forms.

The lists of Top 10 Ski Resorts (China), Top Winter Destinations of the Year and Top Brands Awards for Global Innovative Enterprises under the International Leading Brands in Winter Sports were unveiled on September 3rd and the winners will be new benchmarks in the industry.

On top of deepening industrial cooperation and promoting the development of sports, this WWSE has stirred the public's passion for fitness. A 9,000-square-meter sports area was set up to bring together popular sports such as camping, standup paddleboarding, frisbee, archery and skiing. The experience areas for Decathlon, Liri Tent, UYN Sports Equipment, recreational vehicles and outdoor life and water sports have exhilarated the public while showing the vitality of the sports market.

The on-site activities were highly attractive. Visitors could feel the charm of archery in the booth of Decathlon, and experienced the joy of paddleboarding in the water sports area. Moreover, long queues could be seen in the experience areas for frisbee, ice chuiwan (golf-like game in ancient China), and billiards. So here was the most popular place in the exhibition hall.

Models in the most cutting-edge ski clothing and supporting equipment appeared on the fashion show, where sports and fashion elements merged, and visitors heaped praise on this feast and recorded these wonderful moments with their mobile phones.

Experiencing a series of ice and snow sports such as skiing and curling is also an indispensable part of each WWSE. A great deal of large ice and snow sports equipment caught the eye of visitors, who then got involved actively, especially teenagers. These varied supporting activities have stimulated the enthusiasm of the public for sports, facilitated the promotion of winter sports and the development of sports, and fully covered the entire chain of the sports industry.

The WWSE has become the largest, most authoritative and professional expo in the global ice and snow industry after seven years of development since 2016 and remained committed to building an ice and snow feast for those engaged in the industry as well as winter sports enthusiasts. With the successful holding of the Beijing Olympic Winter Games and the realization of the goal of "encouraging 300 million people across China to embrace winter sports", the WWSE will release more positive factors, so that the dividends will benefit the development of ice and snow enterprises, sports and industries to the greatest extent, and boost China's ice and snow services trade, attract more ordinary people to follow ice and snow with interest and bring refreshing changes to the ice and snow industry in the "post-Winter Olympics era".

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