Cut costs but keep us safe, say customers

PETALING JAYA - Malls need not be cold but they must be properly ventilated and bright, shoppers say. However, any move to cut costs must not compromise the safety of customers.

Customer service executive Joan Ang, 27, said 25°C is okay.

"As long as I am not sweating inside a mall, it's fine.

"But shopping complex operators should not go overboard trying to save money by dimming or turning off the lights in toilets, carparks and staircases as our safety would be compromised," she said.

At her workplace, she said her boss had recently instructed all employees to turn off the air-conditioners and lights at the office during lunch breaks.

Executive secretary Evelyn Lee, 36, said shopping malls should adjust the temperature according to the weather.

"On hot days, 25°C may be too warm but on a rainy day, it may be too cold.

"Shopping complexes must not be rigid in setting the temperature.

"Some malls are so cold, I have to wear a shawl," she said, adding that there must always be adequate lighting.

A housewife who only wanted to be known as Lina, 25, welcomed the move to make malls warmer.

"I can't stand the cold. I'm forever complaining to my husband whenever we go shopping that most malls here are way too chilly."