CXC Public Chain Third Party Application -Consensus Planet Culture Education Interactive Entertainment Platform Comes Right Away

SINGAPORE -  Media OutReach  - 26 August 2019 - In 2018, the global sharing economy reached $520 billion, and the global live broadcast market reached $545 billion. Among them, the Asia-Pacific market has played an important role in promoting the rapid development of the global knowledge payment and live broadcast market.


As a new era, blockchain technology has not yet realized its commercial value after ten years of renewal and iteration. However, since the launch of the CXC public chain, the leap-forward development of technology, model and ecological layout has brought bright hope to the industry.


With the opening up of CXC public chain ecology, Consensus Planet has successfully built the first knowledge sharing+entertainment live broadcast platform in the block chain industry, based on the underlying technology of CXC public chain and the trillion-dollar market space, standing on the shoulders of giants, and will meet with the public in the near future.


By that time, after completing the [CID one-click login] and [CXC universal payment] API docking test, anonymous classroom broadcast, comment, reward, consumption and other interactions can be performed. All asset operations are done on the chain. At the same time, Consensus Planet will integrate higher quality and more diversified content in various ecological fields such as life, education, encyclopedia, culture, art, technology, finance, and social interaction to meet the needs of users with different needs and get out of the bottleneck. The development of short-lived live content in the Internet era.


In the interactive behavior of user's rewards, Consensus Planet will use the cryptocurrency represented by CXC and BTC as the payment means, and gradually open the payment channel of the blockchain cross-chain protocol, and even access the mainstream electronic payment platform to jointly jointly break through the ceiling of blockchain growth.


Consensus Planet will receive high-quality user resources from the CXC backbone and upgrade to DAPP in operation. The core data will be connected and will become a sustainable business project that cannot be closed and will shine with the main chain.


With the gradual opening of the CXC publicchain ecology, the future consensus planet will also obtain the exchange resources of other DAPPs in the ecology, and seize the highest point of education and entertainment in the blockchain.