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D&A, World-Class Rock Stars are Best in Asia, Next Stop: USA

D&A, World-Class Rock Stars are Best in Asia, Next Stop: USA

SINGAPORE, May 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Is there anyone who doesn't love the unbridled brilliance of highly valuable bling? Not trinkets, but the rare and exquisite gemstones in settings that emphasise their radiance. The kind Daria and Anna Ginsburg—sisters who founded D&A, a world-class, high-jewellery brand in 2016—are passionate about finding for modern-day women, like Singapore's most acclaimed, multi-award-winning MediaCorp star Zoe Tay, who is never without a little sparkle on her neck, wrist, or hand.

From left : Anna & Daria, @da_jewellery, Mediacorp Artiste Zoe Tay, @zoetay10
From left : Anna & Daria, @da_jewellery, Mediacorp Artiste Zoe Tay, @zoetay10

In a social media campaign, D&A teamed up with Zoe to promote their limited edition Embrace jewellery collection, made with rare Mahenge spinels, mint garnets, and diamonds. Other collaborations include working with leading Instagram influencers and other celebrities in Singapore and the US.

D&A will soon be available in Singapore, including at Takashimaya D. S., where D&A will open its first pop-up store in the country from September 29 to October 10 this year.

Conquering the world of contemporary high jewellery with rare and beautiful gemstones
As a global phenomenon, D&A jewellery is recognisable in countries around the world, including the USA, where the sisters hold the highest positions in contemporary high jewellery as they use beautiful gemstones in unique, limited editions and one-of-a-kind designs. 

Both respected gemmologists with 12 years of experience each, they frequently work alongside ethical miners in gemstone-rich countries, like Brazil, Colombia, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania, to unearth world-class jewels. These include some they have been commissioned to find by world-renowned personalities whose anonymity they respect.

As for this year's trend of exotic gemstones, Daria says, "We know the source, quality and value of every sapphire, fancy diamond, alexandrite, aquamarine, emerald, and garnet, as well as morganite, ruby, Mahenge spinel, and tsavorite. There are even grandidierites from Madagascar—one of the rarest and most valuable stones in the world whose value is constantly rising due to their scarcity." 

Transparency and traceability in every step of the value chain
According to Anna, "D&A is a trusted source for fair-trade, top-grade jewellery with conflict-free gemstones. We adhere to the highest standards of conscience when perfecting them into objects of great beauty.

"We also integrate transparency and traceability into every step of the chain, from the complex art of selecting rough stones to the cutting and quality management. Our clients deserve to know that their investments come from responsibly-mined, fair-processed sources.

"In short, it's fair for all. Since gemstones can take hundreds, thousands, and even millions of years to form, being an ethical business is a priority for all parties involved, from the mines to the traders to the buyers. Our customers expect us to provide them with jewellery at a price that matches their quality, and will grow in value."

Daria and Anna wearing D&A’s Sahara Collection
Daria and Anna wearing D&A’s Sahara Collection

Bespoke investment pieces…
What's more, with jewellery's undisputed ability to enhance a woman's features and personality, D&A's designs highlight the natural beauty of each gemstone as well as the wearer. "Whether one of a kind or part of our very limited collections, we see our work as art inspired by not just the jewels, but also emotions—such as the desire for beauty, the best moments of a person's life, the urge to impress, or to show commitment—that spark joy or simply complete an outfit for the red carpet, events and the day to day.

"We want our clients to feel elegant, unique, stylish, unforgettable, and elated to have such beauty. They also know that some pieces can serve as great investments and will hold their value through generations. Some have even commissioned us to find certain rare stones, and several of D&A's rare gemstones have sold at auction for huge amounts," say the sisters. 

In every creation, the determining factor is the jewel. This is especially the case when it is exceptionally rare, unique in character, and in a non-traditional shape or size. The key is simplicity so that it is the most important element.

Whenever stones or shapes are unusual or asymmetrical, for example, the design process becomes more fluid. In the process, the best machines and equipment are used for high-precision cutting by hand. "As designers, we often find that free-form stones dictate the shape of jewellery, while we determine the mood or setting. 

"The size determines if they are worn as rings, on the wrist, on the neck, or as brooches," explains Daria.

… and limited selections
This brings us to D&A's elegant suites of jewellery starring gemstones and designs that are also limited in quantity. Each piece of jewellery is unique, and some are only made once. Their names, such as Embrace, Glam, Sahara, and Kinetic, are inspired by emotions, desires, and even nature.

D&A creates custom orders and limited private collections to guarantee clients feel special and unique, carefully selecting and presenting each piece with a high level of craftsmanship, so the owners can feel confident they are buying the highest quality and most valuable jewels. 

*D&A's fine jewellery selections are currently available at online luxury marketplace - under the listing D&A Style; ( and available in Singapore by private appointment. 

"Jewellery is eternal. It never goes out of fashion; it will always be there."
 – Kate Moss

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Daria wears the Galaxy Collection.
Daria wears the Galaxy Collection.

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