DaDaABC Welcomes and Hosts The Oxford University Press Management Team, and Explores a New Cooperation Opportunity

SHANGHAI, Nov. 10, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- On November 9th, Stephanie Richards, Sales & Marketing director, EDUK, Anne-Marie Hansen, Head of Rights, Hayley Sutton, Intergroup Sales manager from Oxford University Press (OUP) and Sirong Hao, Director of Global Business Development, Changen Hu, Area Manager from OUP China, visited the Chinese K12 online education company, DaDaABC.

Grace Zhi, The CEO and Founder of DaDaABC
Grace Zhi, The CEO and Founder of DaDaABC

The management, Edu VP and Co-founder of DaDaABC Joyce Shen welcomed and gave the OUP team a company tour of DaDaABC in Shanghai followed by a high-level meeting on future cooperations. This visit indicates opportunities of a future cooperation between DaDaABC and Oxford University Press in China's K12 online education.

There are 230,000 schools for compulsory education in China and 140 million students. The market for digital education has increased to 300 billion Yuan. With the progress of education information construction which was promoted by the 12th Five-Year Plan, internet accessibility for all primary and secondary schools has reached 87% and the penetration of multimedia in classrooms has reached 80%. In the policy of Education Information 13th Five-Year Plan and 2017 Education Information Key Works, the Chinese government will deepen the emphasis of the digital facilities in the educational industry. There also appears to be some room for additional advances in education information.

With the rapid development of the internet and educational information globalization, Chinese K12 English education attracts the eyes of the whole world, with international publishing houses that are choosing to cooperate with premium Chinese educational companies. The conversations and intent for collaboration between DaDaABC and Oxford University Press represents the trend of the K12 industry.

In the visit, the management of Oxford University Press were introduced about the achievements and development of DaDaABC. DaDaABC has reached the top of the industry in only 4 years, since being founded in 2013. Especially with regards to textbooks, DaDaABC has an excellent teaching and research team and is very experienced in teaching materials and teacher training." Besides, DaDaABC has a powerful R&D group who guarantee solutions to technology problems when students have lessons online. The Chinese online English teaching market has great demand for premium teaching content, and it's growing fast as well, Oxford University Press have developed and brought great amounts of premium content to meet this demand, and are exploring further cooperations with leading companies in the online education industry.

Grace Zhi, the CEO and Founder of DaDaABC said, "The target of DaDaABC is to build an international online school without any walls which must have the trifecta of factors: premium teachers, authoritative teaching content and a complete assessment system. Original content, as the important cornerstone of the school, has to be acquired by seeking cooperation with international publishing houses. Matching the teaching mode of 1 on 1, original English textbooks by international publishers meet the growing requirements of Chinese students' online English learning." Grace Zhi is confident that the cooperation between DaDaABC and Oxford University Press will open new perspectives and avenues for Chinese online education.

Oxford University Press was founded in 1478 and becomes the largest university press in the world. With publications in more than 40 languages, and in a variety of formats - print and digital., Oxford University Press publishes some 6,000 new titles around the world each year. Oxford University Press publishes many professional and academic reference materials including the Oxford English Dictionary, the Concise Oxford English Dictionary and the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Oxford University Press entered China in collaboration with reputable publishers on the mainland at the end of the 20th century and has been dedicated to serving the education community since then.

DaDaABC has built up a friendly cooperation with many international presses, including National Geography and FLTRP. With respect to teaching materials and teachers training, they have also been deepening further collaborative relationships. OUP's recent visit to DaDaABC indicated DaDaABC has developed content cooperation greatly, and is also a strong representative of K-12 Education in the future.

Oxford University Press Management and DaDaABC Management
Oxford University Press Management and DaDaABC Management

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