Dahua Technology Has Recently Released a New Series of Smart Locks Combining Convenience and Safety in to One

HANGZHOU, China, Nov. 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- As a leading solution provider in the global video surveillance industry, Dahua Technology has released a new series of smart locks - The Bluetooth Series and Bluetooth & Wireless 433 series will bring enhanced and convenient protection to people at home.        

Keys to traditional locks easily get lost and duplicated, and residents cannot remotely open or close doors when necessary. The compact & sleek looking Dahua smart lock combines a mechanical lock case with an electronic motor hiding in the panel. Locks with 8mm-square-bar lock bodies can be upgraded to Dahua smart locks without dismantling their original lock bodies, just by installing the new lock inners and outer panels.

Dahua smart locks come in two colors: silver and black. Below are some of their technical highlights.

Pick Resistance Grade B Lock Cylinder with a pick-resistant lock body make them hard to pick open.

Forced-entry Resistance Made of Zinc alloy, the metal part of Dahua smart locks supports IK08 protection level. Security is guaranteed by the solid build of the locks.

Convenient to Unlock When Necessary Although smart locks make it harder to break in, they are more convenient to unlock when required via four different methods: key, card, password and Bluetooth.

Bluetooth & Wireless 433 series products support a fifth way of unlocking – the remote unlock. When paired with VTO2111D-WP (433) outdoor Wi-Fi station, a person can open the door for guests from far away via their DMSS app icellphone.

Strong Safety Mechanisms Encrypted cards are much harder to copy than common ones or keys, offering a certain level of duplication resistance. For passwords, you can enter random numbers before or after password combinations to ensure password privacy. Additionally, users can also use Bluetooth connection which is compatible with the encryption algorithm for secured communication.

Use the latest technology to upgrade your locks - you can't be too careful with the safety of your home. The release of Dahua smart locks is yet another example of Dahua fulfilling its mission of "Enabling a safer city and smarter living".

*Product launch date might vary depending on countries. 

*Not all 8mm-square-bar lock bodies are compatible with Dahua smart lock panels. Please consult Dahua technical supports for compatibility.

Visit http://www.dahuasecurity.com.