d'Alba Waterfull Mild Sun Cream received a special Editor's Pick award in Allure Korea's 'Best of Beauty' category

SEOUL, South Korea, Sept. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Waterfull Mild Sun Cream from premium Korean beauty brand d'Alba, loved for its trendy packaging and high-quality skincare, received the Editor's Pick award in the 'Best of Beauty' category by Allure, a renowned Korean beauty magazine.

d'Alba Waterfull Mild Sun Cream, best sun cream picked by Korean editors
d'Alba Waterfull Mild Sun Cream, best sun cream picked by Korean editors

d'Alba Waterfull Mild Sun Cream, best sun cream picked by Korean editors

d'Alba is a premium Korean-Italian beauty brand founded by Korean beauty experts, offering high-quality products made from the finest ingredients found in Alba, Italy. 'White Truffle First Spray Serum' was released in the beauty market as a groundbreaking spray-type glow serum, which has gained cumulative sales of more than five million units. The brand is loved by beauty enthusiasts worldwide and remains at the top of the K-beauty skincare category.

Allure's 'Best of Beauty' is Korea's most prestigious beauty awards ceremony. The event selects the products by having beauty experts do a blind-test and pick their favorites. From there, Allure editors will choose their top picks through meticulous testing, note-taking, and review writing that usually takes a few months.

d'Alba Mild Sun Cream, the Editor's Pick winner at this year's event, has passed the skin irritation test and is therefore suitable for sensitive skin. This mild sun cream is safe for all skin types and has a moist and refreshing moisture essence formulation. It is a daily sun cream that doesn't leave a white cast or a sticky feeling.

An official from d'Alba said, 'Because it is a sun cream for daily use, we released the product after several tests to ensure excellent applicability, sustainability, and efficacy of ingredients. We are pleased with the high satisfaction of customer reviews and expect to continue the upward trends overseas by promoting our highly advantageous products that are safe for all skin types.'

d'Alba's Overseas Business Department gained international recognition through the exports of their products to more than 30 countries. 'Our product capabilities are recognized through overseas localization marketing strategies and we are aiming to become a global beauty brand,' the source said.