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Datawords Group, a Multicultural Ingenuity™[1] expert, acquires Switching-Time with the support of Keensight Capital to empower international brands with digital campaign solutions in China

Datawords Group, a Multicultural Ingenuity™[1] expert, acquires Switching-Time with the support of Keensight Capital to empower international brands with digital campaign solutions in China

SHANGHAI, Dec. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Since its creation in 2000, Datawords Group has established itself as a leader in e-multicultural technologies, forging the term Multicultural Ingenuity™ [1] to reflect its capacity to support brands in the deployment of their digital marketing and technology strategies on an international scale.

Multicultural at its core, Datawords has developed a unique know-how and expertise in adapting its clients' technologies, strategies and digital content to a local audience, while respecting their brand image. The deployment of international campaigns poses a real challenge for major global brands, with linguistic and technical constraints, as well as cultural preferences, that can make a single global campaign impossible. Datawords relies on both MULTI digital expertise and CULTURAL adaptation of brand content across more than 50 languages and countries to capture local relevancy.

To reinforce its position in the Chinese market, Datawords today announces the acquisition of the award-winning integrated communication company Switching-Time, founded in Shanghai, China. Established in 2012, Switching-Time serves a prestigious set of clients in the fashion, beauty, luxury and lifestyle industries. Over the years, it has expanded its offering to cover the full breadth of digital marketing services, including public relations (e-PR), influencer digital marketing and social media.


Didier Rosenberg, Co-founder Datawords Group, said: "We are very excited about the acquisition of Switching-Time. This new partnership is based on shared values of entrepreneurship, and on the same deep understanding of the needs of international brands combined with the ability to create local solutions. Domestic and international clients will clearly benefit from Datawords' unrivalled quality of service offering. We look forward to the additional value we can deliver to our clients."

With Switching-Time and its local experience, Datawords Group will strengthen its native marketing and communications capabilities to enhance international brands' performance in APAC, and primarily in mainland China. This collaboration will also help Chinese companies in their expansion globally.

Taiwing Tian and Florent Chapatte, Co-founders of Switching-Time, added: "We are incredibly proud of what our team have accomplished up until now and we are looking forward to writing a new chapter together with Datawords Group's fantastic team. The best is yet to come as we open this new growth phase, which will allow us to accelerate our global expansion and expand our capabilities in the areas of digital and technology."

Today, the Datawords Group is the leader in its field, covering the world through its eight main hubs around the globe – in Paris, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo, New York, Milan and Barcelona – and with 1,000 employees representing more than 50 nationalities. With its Multicultural Ingenuity™, it manages an international digital ecosystem and content for Fortune Global 500 businesses and organizations through a multicultural service platform and connected technologies; these two types of solutions provide brand leaders with performance and peace of mind throughout their international business operations.

This investment, actively supported by Datawords' majority shareholder Keensight Capital – one of the leading private equity managers dedicated to pan-European Growth Buyout[2] investments – will strengthen the Datawords Group's presence in mainland China and further empower international brands active in Asia, as well as those proactively expanding globally, to better promote their businesses.

Stanislas de Tinguy, Partner at Keensight, stated: "We are pleased to support Datawords Group, a world leader in its sector, in its continued international development. In line with Datawords' growth strategy, the acquisition of Switching-Time will allow the group to reinforce its presence in Asia, and in mainland China specifically. We are excited about the additional value that the combined entity will bring to clients."

About the Datawords Group

Founded in 2000, Datawords Group is the only international digital player that blends a MULTI digital expertise (developer, data analyst, linguist, creative content and production, producer, UX designer, SEO, social media experts, etc.) to build powerful digital experiences, a CULTURAL adaptation of brand content across more than 50 languages and countries to capture local relevancy, and a unique delivery management INGENUITY which allows to work across a broad range of expertise across a multitude of cultures to deliver local relevance and high performance to its customers.

Datawords differentiates itself with e-multicultural technology, multicultural process and the diverse backgrounds of its 1,000 employees, with an established presence in Europe, Asia and the US.

About Switching-Time

Switching-Time is a leading Integrated Communication Agency, founded in 2012 by Taiwing Tian and Florent Chapatte in Shanghai. Its team of 70+ communication experts work with the world's leading brands in fashion, beauty, luxury and lifestyle, including LVMH, L'Oréal Group, adidas Group, Hilton Group, Victoria's Secret, Crocs, Uniqlo etc, providing ground-breaking and world-class integrated campaigns with creative strategic planning at its heart, and digital amplification with influence as its soul.

True to its ethos of working hard, being bold and staying humble over the past years, the agency has been awarded Greater China Independent Agency of the Year and Greater China PR Agency of the Year at the Campaign Asia Agency of the Year Awards, as well as the Most Honoured Marketing Agency Grand Winner at the International Stevie Awards.

About Keensight Capital

Keensight Capital, one of the leading European Growth Buyout[2] firms, is committed to supporting entrepreneurs as they implement their growth strategies. For over 20 years, Keensight Capital's team of seasoned professionals has leveraged their knowledge of investment and growth industries to invest for the long term in profitable companies with high growth potential and revenues in the range of €10 million to €400 million. Drawing on its expertise in the Technology and Healthcare sectors, Keensight identifies the best investment opportunities in Europe and works closely with management teams to develop and achieve their strategic vision. Keensight Capital's success has earned it a Gold Award from the Private Equity Exchange & Awards each year for the last six consecutive years, and in particular, the Best European Growth Private Equity Fund.

[1] Multicultural Ingenuity™: Datawords Group is the only player that blends in house MULTI brand & digital expertise plus CULTURAL adaption with a unique delivery management INGENUITY.

[2] Growth Buyout: investment in profitable, private companies experiencing strong growth, in minority or majority positions, with or without leverage, using a flexible approach tailored to the needs of individual entrepreneurs, in order to finance organic growth projects, acquisition strategies or provide historic shareholders with liquidity.

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