The dazzling oriental beauty of 'Lux Shine-Wangfujing' sets Beijing as an iconic fashion destination

BEIJING, Sept. 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The profound glamour of traditional Chinese culture is able to be displayed and inherited in this new era when historic Chinese art and modern vogue fully complement each other. On the night of September 16th, the grand themed show 'Lux Shine·Wangfujing' held by Peking Lux Shine Culture Media Co., Ltd ("Lux Shine Culture") had its grand inauguration in Wangfujing. In addition, the Sixth Beijing Wangfujing International Brands Festival will be held from September 19th to September 21st in Wangfujing Commercial Street. Many remarkable events will kick off as the leaves fall in Beijing.

The dazzling oriental beauty of 'Lux Shine-Wangfujing' sets Beijing as an iconic fashion destination
The dazzling oriental beauty of 'Lux Shine-Wangfujing' sets Beijing as an iconic fashion destination

As the Wangfujing stop of 2018 Beijing Fashion week, the 'Lux Shine-Wangfujing' show attracted over 400 influential guests, including the Beijing Municipal Committee, officers from Beijing's Dongcheng District, key fashion industry figures, top-notch domestic fashion designers and partner representatives, to spend the night enjoying traditional Chinese art together. This vogue show themed 'Oriental Fashion - let the world fall in love with China' perfectly mixes traditional Peking Opera with a fashion show presentation along with advanced technology and special effects to create a unique spectacle.

Lei Zhao, the administrator of Beijing state-owned cultural assets supervision and management office and the Deputy Secretary-General of Beijing International Design Week, as well as Hui Jin, the chief executive of Beijing Dongcheng District, gave speeches at the event. Jin gave high praise to the 'Lux Shine-Wangfujing' show based on the profound Chinese cultural background perfectly presented in the show and pointed out that it assists with the fusion and innovation between traditional Chinese culture and fashion and presents a magnificent view of Peking Opera, which raises spirits and cultural confidence for China in the new era.

The CEO of Lux Shine Culture Yingying Ma, who is also the Executive Director of 'Lux Shine-Wangfujing' as well as the Deputy Secretary-General of 2018 Beijing Fashion Week Committee, stated her viewpoint while talking about the inspirations of the show that it is indeed the diverse Peking Opera elements, the vital essence of wisdom and cultural background of Peking Opera, that inspires the ultimate aesthetic in the imagination and exquisite artistic expression, making it the most attractive feature in the show.

The dazzling oriental beauty of 'Lux Shine-Wangfujing' sets Beijing as an iconic fashion destination
The dazzling oriental beauty of 'Lux Shine-Wangfujing' sets Beijing as an iconic fashion destination

A round of applause for the fashionable Chinese quintessence from the nation of traditions

In this cultural banquet that dazzles eyes and ears, distinct Chinese culture and ubiquitous Peking Opera elements attract the audience's attention with their historical aspects, traditional Chinese themes, shining catwalk and glorious clothing. The gate outside the setting duplicates the phoenix crown from the Peking Opera "The Drunken Beauty" while the entry gate replicates the traditional Chinese window pane patterns, referencing the Peking Opera concept of 'entry as a chancellor and exit as a general'. The main catwalk is evocative of ancient styles of palace gates and cloisters, which expresses a perfect balance of traditions and modernity while showing the openness and inclusiveness of traditional Chinese culture.

The show started the night with one of the most representative Peking Operas, "Dingjun Mountain", which impressed the audience deeply with its perfect combination of unique Peking Opera reproduction and traditional fashion elements. Eight Huang Zhongs arrive at the performance with great ambitions. The stark contrast between the appearances of a 3-year old junior Huang Zhong and a foreign fashion model leaves the audience amazed, signaling the border-less nature of modern-day Chinese art.

Alongside acute tweedles and drumbeats and the unfolding of a 40-meter long red silk, the representative opera "The Heavenly Maids Scatter Blossoms" from Lanfang Mei brought forth several rounds of applauses from the audience. From the mysterious and imposing opera "Fire Judge", to the entertaining and unconventional martial opera "Three-Way Junction", and finally the tragic and soul-stirring opera "Farewell My Concubine', these vivid traditional Chinese opera characters burst out refreshing energy at the fashion show filled with amazing aesthetic experiences, laying the groundwork for traditional Chinese glamour to become more well known.

The ravishing time-traveling love between the western princess and prince leads the show to the climax with its perfect mixture of the traditional Chinese song "The Drunken Beauty" by Lanfang Mei and the western melody "Time to Say Goodbye", which left the whole audience deeply touched by what they experienced. A lot of them were still deeply immersed in the breath-taking scene of fluttering snowflakes when the concubine commits suicide and the show pauses. The guests who attended the show suggest that the performance maximized the charm of traditional Chinese arts, namely Peking Opera. "The incredible display of creativity is so touching and allows us to see the great possibilities of traditional Chinese culture'.

Renowned young generation fashion designers who were born in the 80s and 90s were invited by Lux Shine Culture to present brand new characteristics of traditional Chinese clothing. Drawing inspiration from Chinese cultural heritage and presenting Chinese beauty in an innovative and fashionable way, they succeed in reconstructing aesthetic elements and values with references to conventional costumes appearing in well-known Peking Operas. Not only are the fine clothing presented in the show sophisticated in design, but they are also purely hand-made, fully demonstrating the craftsmanship and furthermore delivers a refreshing artistic take on traditional Chinese clothing.

Expanding China's fashionable power starting from home

With the 'Lux Shine·Wangfujing' show triggering the fashionable experience in Beijing, more and more people are feeling the pioneering glamour of Chinese fashion. Some fans even commented on social media that "an unexpected Chinese aesthetic is found in the show". Just like the guest at the show said, everyone could be influenced by the traditional Chinese culture but its another thing to witness and participate in the reproduction of the traditional culture.

Yingying Ma believes that Beijing Fashion week is neither just a pure fashion show, nor simply an attempt to link traditional culture and the fashion industry. More importantly, it opens up a window for the globe to perceive the popular fashion culture in China. She also shared her unique understanding with regards to art, culture and fashion, "We used to only think about western luxury brands when talking about fashion in the past, but oriental beauty is not just traditional beauty, it can also be cutting-edge and innovative with inclusiveness and breakthroughs".

'Lux Shine·Wangfujing' means that a newfound cultural destination will appear on the current global fashion map.The concept of 'Oriental fashion - make the world fall in love with China' exemplifies the motif of Beijing Fashion Week - "Offer Chinese brands an opportunity to grasp the right of speech", which embodies the great power and contemporary confidence of China. A guest at the scene also suggested that the show allowed traditional Chinese culture and domestic brands to shine brightly on the global stage, and places with profound cultural backgrounds, namely Beijing, or even all of China, could rise to the forefront of the international fashion industry.

As the first creative cultural institution that aims at branding traditional Peking Opera, Lux Shine Culture has been trying its best to ingeniously fuse traditional art and diverse cultures through attempts at 'Fashionable Peking Opera' since its establishment in 2015. Interpreted and performed in a modern, international and fashionable way, Fashionable Peking Opera is intended to lead a revolutionary trend of oriental culture and appreciation. The Lux Shine Culture fully devotes itself to leading the younger generation to appreciate traditional culture and beauty while building a bridge between traditional Chinese culture and global vogue by digging out the core conventions that align with the current trends in traditional Chinese culture.

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