DearMonsters' sustainable blockchain play-to-earn concept proves to be popular as 500000 BUSD public presale allocation sold

DearMonsters' sustainable blockchain play-to-earn concept proves to be popular as 500000 BUSD public presale allocation sold

SINGAPORE, Nov. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- DearMonsters ($DMS) successfully completed their round of presale on 24th November 2021. Touted to be the next upcoming blockchain play-to-earn game, its concept of sustainability of the game ecosystem to provide potential earnings to both early and late entrants to its game appeals to many crypto-enthusiasts as DearMonsters successfully completed its first presale of 500000 BUSD.

Slated to be released in December 2021, DearMonsters' development of a sustenance-centric play-to-earn infrastructure proves to be a hit amongst investors and players alike as many crypto investors see the potential of DearMonsters to be the next gem in the NFT industry.

Beyond the gameplay, DearMonsters also seeks to introduce real life use cases to the token to increase the DMS token utility.

The sustainable model

The adoption of blockchain technology has popularised NFT blockchain play-to-earn-games. There are many such games offering lucrative financial yields through in game activities such as grinding, farming and PvP. However, games that attract players through high investment yields are often unsustainable due to the high distribution of tokens without strong use cases and burning mechanisms to control the supply which eventually leads to a severe plunge in token prices. The developers of DearMonsters has identified this to be the lifeline of a blockchain play-to-earn game concept and thus developed a sustainable economic model with strong utility to maintain a healthy economy that addresses token supply inflation. This is achieved through its gameplay mechanisms and the reflection feature of the DearMonsters token.

DearMonsters ($DMS) Reflection Token

DearMonsters utilises a reflection token as its trading token and in game currency. Reflection token works by charging a tax to each transaction and distributing the fee to all token holders according to the percentage of tokens held. Fees are automatically distributed to token holders upon each transaction. $DMS tokens charges a 3% tax, of which 1.5% is redistributed to token holders, 1% is burned while 0.5% goes towards continual development, rewards issuance and developers' fee. The burn feature ensures continual burn of tokens which reduces the pressure of token inflation, creating scarcity. The redistribution function incentivises token holders to hold the tokens to receive more tokens thus reducing selling pressure in a bear market. In summary, while the reflection token's 3% tax appears to impose on investors, it rewards the long-term investors as the main percentages of the tax are being redistributed and burned.

Safe, Secure and Trusted Platform
DearMonsters is fully committed to ensuring that the platform is safe and secure for all investors. An external audit of the DMS token smart contract has been completed with SolidProof, a leading blockchain Audit firm. DearMonsters has also engaged leading cybersecurity firms to ensure maximum protection of investors' assets and the DearMonsters ecosystem.

DearMonsters' platform offers a variety of investment opportunities to suit different investors' investment needs and horizons, from holding tokens to entering the gameplay to earn token rewards. DearMonsters can be one to be added into your crypto portfolio.

To understand and learn more about the DearMonsters' platform, visit the website and join their community on Discord, Telegram and Twitter to connect with their existing community members.

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