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Charged Indonesia intends to launch a range of affordable and practical electric motorcycles for commercial fleets and individuals in Indonesia in 4Q 2022

SINGAPORE, Sept. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Singapore-headquartered DeClout Ventures Pte. Ltd. ("DeClout Ventures") has led a US$4.5 million (approximately IDR 68 billion) investment in Indonesia-focused e-mobility scale up, Charged Indonesia, as part of their inaugural funding round.

Charged Indonesia is a direct-to-user scale up electric motorcycle manufacturer and distributor founded in 2022 to provide sustainable mobility options that are competitive in affordability and practicality for Indonesian customers as compared to traditional combustion motorcycles.

Charged Indonesia is currently in the midst of rolling out a 16,000 square metre zero energy facility in Greater Jakarta to house its experiential center, research and development, as well as production engineering teams. Starting off with 3 practical and affordable models of electric motorcycles to cover varying needs including personal transportation, logistics, corporate fleets, and ride hailing services, Charged Indonesia aims to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in Indonesia, to mitigate air pollution and improve the overall mobility experience in Indonesia.

Mr Stephanus Widi, Chief Commercial Officer for Charged Indonesia shared, "Carbon emissions from traditional combustion motorcycles are one of the main sources of air pollution in Indonesia, and Charged Indonesia aims to improve this by leading the transition of combustion motorcycle users towards sustainable mobility. We are committed to drive mass adoption of affordable, practical yet desirable electric motorcycles in Indonesia and strive to elevate the entire mobility experience for the millions of motorcycle riders and passengers. We see ourselves as part of the sustainability movement in Indonesia together with the Government, SOEs, NGOs, supply chain partners and other ecosystem members to create a future with cleaner air, reduced pollution and better health for our future generations and environment."

"DeClout Ventures is pleased to partner with Charged Indonesia to drive the adoption of EV motorbikes in Southeast Asia, beginning with Indonesia.  This investment is a strategic one for us as we see strong alignment and synergies between Charged Indonesia's business and our portfolio companies in the smart city infrastructure, IOT and cleantech space." said Mr Lim Swee Yong, Chief Executive Officer of DeClout Ventures.

About DeClout Ventures

DeClout Ventures is the corporate venture arm of DeClout, a builder of next-generation ICT companies that invests in, incubates and scales companies to become global or regional market leaders. DeClout's portfolio companies are all in the technology space, providing businesses with technology expertise and solutions to help clients solve their problems.

DeClout's companies currently comprise of fast-growing trade technology firm GUUD, ICT solutions provider Aeqon, green technology service providers ARCO and Procurri, neutral hosting solutions provider dhost, and Internet-of-Things solutions provider Ascent Solutions.

DeClout is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Exeo Global Pte. Ltd, the regional headquarters of Tokyo Stock Exchange-listed Exeo Group, Inc.

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About Charged Indonesia

Charged Indonesia is paving the way for the future of urban mobility in Indonesia and surrounding regions through providing a sustainable and accessible mobility option that betters communities and individuals. We believe that designing a better ride also means planning for a better future by transitioning to clean and sustainable mobility. We strive to act as a B Corporation and meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

Our mission is to lead the adoption of sustainable mobility, monetary profit and economic growth equally with the welfare of all our stakeholders including but not limited to our employees, customers, investors, partners, suppliers, community and environment.

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