Decorating tips to increase efficiency in your home office

PHOTO: Pixabay

Do you find yourself spending more time adjusting your seat than actually putting in work? It might be time to redecorate your home office.

So you're working from home? Increase productivity by following these tips:

1. Invest in an ergonomic chair.

Since you are going to spend hours sitting in front of your computer, your chair should support your body perfectly.

Get ample back support and comfort with Wilkhahn's IN office chair.

2. Adjust your table height.

Keep your monitor at eye-level or slightly below.

If it's too low, add a riser for laptops. If it's too high, adjust your chair or add pillows.

3. Lighting is key.

Poor lighting can cause eyestrain and headaches.

Open your windows to let in natural light. Use lamps to properly illuminate your home office at night or when it's cloudy.

Check out the Herlig Minimalism LED light Floor Lamp Aluminium Shade, $199, Horizon Lights.

4. Invest in the right gadgets.

Consider getting a separate keyboard and ergonomic mouse and/or mouse pad such as this Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop Wireless Keyboard and Mouse, $159, Harvey Norman to keep your hands and wrists in a comfortable position.

5. Bring in a few house plants.

Not only do they add colour to your work office, they also help reduce stress and purify the air.

Check out FarEast Flora Garden Centre's collection of houseplants.

6. Consider your room colour.

Colours have stimulating or soothing effect on the different aspects of your character: blue for the mind, yellow for emotion, red for the body and green for balance.

Paint your room with colours that best suits your type of work and personality.

Consult with professionals to get the right shade and intensity.