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Delighted Treasure Second-hand Furniture is Committed to Practicing the Concept of Environmental Protection and Reuse, Cares for and Supports Underprivileged Families

Delighted Treasure Second-hand Furniture is Committed to Practicing the Concept of Environmental Protection and Reuse, Cares for and Supports Underprivileged Families
HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 16 October 2023 - Delighted Treasure Group Company Limited ("Delighted Treasure" or "the Company") has become a highly recognised second-hand furniture store in the Hong Kong market due to its commitment to environmental regeneration, furniture circulation and caring for underprivileged families. Delighted Treasure specialises in furniture recycling, refurbishment, cleaning, and resale of used furniture. The Company also offers brand-new and customised furniture to meet the diverse needs of consumers.

Delighted Treasure Group Company Limited

"Environmental regeneration · Turning the used into treasures · Avoiding waste" is the core value of Delighted Treasure. The Company is dedicated to collecting and reusing high-quality furniture to reduce the consumption of natural resources and minimise the negative environmental impact of furniture disposal. This business model not only contributes to environmental protection but also provides affordable purchasing options for the public, benefiting both the environment and consumers. When recycling and reselling furniture, Delighted Treasure always takes the needs of low-income individuals and underprivileged families as the first consideration. The Company actively invests in seeking and collecting high-quality used furniture , conducts thorough inspections, cleaning, and necessary refurbishments upon arrival at the warehouse, and then resells or donates them to consumers in need at competitive prices or for free. This approach not only helps needy families obtain high-quality furniture but also eases their financial burden and improves their living quality.

Ms. Katy, the founder of Delighted Treasure , established this well-known second-hand furniture store out of a fortuitous opportunity, thanks to her helpful spirit and fearless character in facing challenges. Katy understands that many families cannot afford brand-new furniture due to economic pressures. Therefore, she decided to meet the actual needs of the public, combine them with market demand, and effectively search for high-quality second-hand furniture, insisting on providing them to consumers at reasonable costs. She believes every family has the right to enjoy a comfortable and pleasant home environment, and Delighted Treasure's goal is to remove furniture purchasing as an obstacle to achieving this goal.

In addition to second-hand furniture, Delighted Treasure also offers completely new furniture and customised services to meet consumers' diverse demand for personalised and unique furniture. Whether it's outdoor furniture , office furniture , or school furniture , Delighted Treasure provides customised solutions to create a distinct furniture purchasing experience for consumers.

The idea of the Delighted Treasure Second-hand Furniture store has injected new energy into the Hong Kong furniture market with its focus on environmental regeneration. The Company achieves the goals of waste reduction and environmental protection through the collection and reuse of old furniture. At the same time, by providing high-quality, safe, affordable furniture options, the Company contributes to improving the life quality for low-income families. Katy, the person in charge of Delighted Treasure , stated, "Establishing 'Delighted Treasure' is about helping every family in need achieve their desired home environment, minimising the adverse effects of their financial situation, and providing more diverse, affordable, and reliable choices for everyone. We will keep working hard to find more high-quality furniture options for consumers, focusing on environmental protection, streamlining our processes, and optimising the service quality."

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About Delighted Treasure Secondhand Furniture Store

Delighted Treasure Group Company Limited is a furniture store focusing on environmental regeneration and circulation. The Company specialises in the recycling, refurbishment, cleaning, and resale of second-hand furniture. It also offers brand-new furniture and customised furniture services. With a core value of protecting the environment and caring for underprivileged families, Delighted Treasure aims to reduce furniture waste, provide affordable purchasing options, and meet the diverse needs of consumers through personalised solutions.

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