Deloitte China and Laiye Announced Strategic Alliance to Accelerate Intelligent Automation Transformation

Deloitte China and Laiye Announced Strategic Alliance to Accelerate Intelligent Automation Transformation

SHANGHAI, June 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Deloitte China and Laiye announced a strategic alliance to jointly accelerate Intelligent Automation Transformation. The two companies have been partners to serve several Fortune 500 companies and other industry leading companies in the past two years spanning technologies that include Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Chatbots and Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solutions.

Going forward, both parties will combine their strengths by integrating Laiye's Intelligent Automation technology with Deloitte China's consultancy, to provide customers with targeted, sustainable, and innovative solutions.  "I believe the strategic alliance between Deloitte China and Laiye will definitely create legendary outcomes!" said Vivian Jiang, Deliotte China vice CEO.

In April of this year, Laiye raised $50 million in series C+ funding in a round jointly led by Ping An Global Voyager Fund and Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Industry Equity Investment Fund. Over the past year, Laiye's annual RPA software subscription revenue grew over 900% year-on-year.

"Domestic RPA providers have tremendous potential," said Joseph Zhao, Chief Digital Officer of Deloitte China. "Laiye is the leader of Intelligent Automation in China. We believe that the strategic alliance between Deloitte China and Laiye will improve our services and expand development scenarios for both parties in this highly competitive market, making us better positioned to serve our customers and expand the market." He added.

"We are thrilled to be partnering with Deloitte China, who has supported us for over two years, and we look forward to jointly promoting AI-powered RPA in various industries in the future," said Guanchun Wang, Chairman and CEO of Laiye. "We started our global expansion despite the pandemic and are now serving a growing customer base that consists of numerous Fortune 500 companies, governmental organizations, and SMBs."

"Deloitte China has teamed up with Laiye for nearly two years. The cooperation is smoothly and worth a long-term promotion," said Jianfeng Ye, Deloitte China Tax Management Consulting Partner. "I believe that Laiye's powerful RPA experts will help Deloitte China's developers to improve themselves. Meanwhile, Deloitte China's high requirements for partners will spur Laiye's continual efforts to innovate and improve" .

"The sustainable development of technology is inseparable from the innovation and the deep cultivation of technology. We believe that an RPA product with AI is able to fully achieve its value," Yichuan Hu, CTO of Laiye said. "Laiye will continue to invest in Intelligent Automation products and R&D. We hope to bring more and better Intelligent Automation solutions to customers together with Deloitte China ."  

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