Delta Controls Award-Winning O3 Sensor Issued U.S. Patent Approval

SURREY, BC, Dec. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Delta Controls award-winning O3 raised its profile higher with the recent issue of a new U.S. patent approval on the BAS (Building Automation System) technology and method behind the innovative product.

Chief Technology Officer for Delta Controls, Chris Kwong — a 28+ year veteran of the firm — provided details about this exciting development in a video interview and said, "The newly acquired patent is all about sensor fusion. This technology features multiple sensing devices to establish a system that allows creation of machine learning trained linear models and algorithms that estimate the temperature at a location within the sensor's field of view."

Kwong continued, "Most significant about this newly patented device is its use of the multiple sensors to obtain a highly accurate value of temperature at significantly different locations to increasingly optimize any space when compared with traditional methods. It's more accurate due to its location and more instantaneous than other methods allowing us to control more efficiently."

Moving forward with this patent and method, Delta Controls can expand on other innovative concepts and ideas. It allows the application of machine learning techniques, build models and algorithms facilitating more accurate measurement of other data and performance points.

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The O3 from Delta Controls is a sensor with advanced temperature sensing to provide a more comfortable environment for building occupants. It reacts to changes in temperature and people entering and leaving a space faster than any other sensor available. The O3 creates a new touchless world with less risk of contagion through unique features including:

  • Ceiling mounted installation
  • Integration with touchless apps commonly used by occupants
  • No internet needed, wirelessly connects to your phone
  • Controls lighting, fresh air, temperature


At the forefront of building automation systems, Delta Controls provides global solutions through our network of partners in 80+ countries. A focus on innovation and sustainability has made us industry leaders for over 35 years. Delta Controls manufactures all of our products in Metro Vancouver, Canada, offering dependable, user-friendly control solutions for buildings in the commercial, healthcare, hospitality, education, and leisure markets. As part of Delta Electronics, we are committed to leading building automation into a sustainable future.


Allan Lanzador

Delta Controls, Inc.